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1001 Albert "Poutt" (perhaps Prout), age 11 was a visitor, probably a relation of Charlotte's. Family F2850
1002 Albert and Ada were both of "Full Age". He was a bachelor, and a Baptist; she was a spinster and a Methodist. They were married in the Methodist Church. Witnesses were William B Hall and Susie E Osborne. Family F523
1003 Albert and Bessie had been married less than 1 year and had no children. Family F292
1004 Albert and Ethel had been married 4 years, but had no children. Ethel's father Edwin, a widower, lived with them. Family F55
1005 Albert and Louisa were living with Louisa's sister Hannah and her husband Jame A Morris. Albert E is of course not equivalent to Alfred E, but all of the other details fit: his age, place of birth, and his occupation of Painter. Albert and Louisa were living in the same neighbourhood as Alfred/Albert's brother William who was also a Painter. Family F488
1006 Albert Edward age 19. Bachelor, occupation Machiner. Residence at time of marriage. 32 Blair Street, Liverpool. Father Edward Meredith. Occupation: Bricklayer. Lucy age 22. Spinster. Residence at time of marriage. 32 Blair Street, Liverpool. Father Emmanuel Mallett. Occupation: Brass Finisher. Both signed their names. Married after Banns by John Adams. Witnesses: Robert James Doyle and Ann Hodgkinson. Marriage Reg, Jun Qtr 1890. Toxteth Park. Vol 8b page 406. Family F277
1007 Albert emigrated with his children to the USA from Axminster, Devon in 1906.

[Source: Tom Jones] 
MALLETT, Albert Chubb (I9382)
1008 Albert enlisted in the Australian Army, and died of wounds in action at the Battle of Belleau Wood while serving with the 57th Field Ambulance.

For more information visit "The Channel Islands and the Great War", and search under "Guernsey Roll of Honour" for Albert's records. 
MALLETT, Albert Percy (I1649)
1009 Albert Mallett, 31, Methodist, Farmer; Mary Jane, 27, Wife; Frederick, 6, son; Norman, 4, son; Earnest, 1 son; Edward James (not a Mallett), 12, Com, b: England, Farm Labourer. MALLETT, Albert William (I3729)
1010 Albert was a boarder in the household of George Robinson, the father of Albert's wife to be, Priscilla Robinson, who also lived there at the time. Family F2934
1011 Albert was a Farmer and Employer, with 2 servants in the household. Interestingly, one of the servants was a John Mallett, 68, born in Torrington. This might have been Catherine (Mallett) Smale's brother, but the birthplace and age aren't quite right.

William and Catherine Smale occupied 4 rooms at Langland, and were enumerated as a separate household. William was "Living on Own Means". 
Family F407
1012 Albert was a prisoner of war, captured by the Germans at the Battle of Jutland on 31 May 1916, after HMS Nomad sank. MALLETT, Albert Sydney (I9384)
1013 Albert was a widower. He and Susan had 4 children, all surviving. MALLETT, Albert Charles (I6580)
1014 Albert was bachelor, Caroline a spinster. Isabela Smith of Palmerston was a witness. Family F3018
1015 Albert was living with his uncle and aunt William and Harriet Waller. MALLETT, Albert E (I2662)
1016 Albert was still single in 1939 at the age of 38. MALLETT, Albert J (I4375)
1017 Albert was the only son still at home, and no occupation was given for him. Family F2197
1018 Albert was unmarried, a boarder in the household of Mary A Carter, Charwoman. Ernest Mallett, age 18 was a boarder there too, so the two may have been related. They were both born in Suffolk. MALLETT, Albert (I503)
1019 Albert William Mallett decided to apply for a homestead, so he hitched up the buggy and he and Mary Jane [Corden] drove to Birtle to apply and receive one of the last homestead in the district, for the price of $10.00.

There was no home on the homestead, so the first winter their home was a cave, or rather two caves side by side - one for the animals and one for the family - dug into the hill side. The next couple of years was spent enlarging the stable dividing half for a home - the rest for the animals. It wasn't until four years had passed that a house was built.

Have picture of family in front of sod home ca 1899. 
MALLETT, Albert William (I3729)
1020 Albert's niece Alice Reardon, age 10, lived with them. MALLETT, Albert (I3517)
1021 Albert's parents and sisters immigrated in 1908. MALLETT, Albert Henry (I1295)
1022 Albert, Clementina and their 2 daughters Sophia and Minnie left Southampton bound for New York aboard the White Star Line ship the Teutonic. Family F331
1023 Alderman and Elizabeth had been married 19 years, and had 6 children, but only 4 survived. Only 3 were enumerated here. Only Gladys was going to school. Family F485
1024 Alderman may have married in 1874 to either Mary Ann Murrel or Sophia Rose: Sep 1874, Mitford, Norfolk,4b, 439 (FeeBMD). MALLET, Alderman (I2430)
1025 Alexander and Alice had no children. Family F1914
1026 Alfred aged 22 is living "by the Turnpike" with wife Charlotte and daughter Mary E aged 6 months. Alfred is a Carpenter. Family F413
1027 Alfred aged 37 is living with his wife Sarah, aged 50 at High Street Kessingland. Family F425
1028 Alfred and Charlotte are living at Church road, Kessingland, both aged 53, Alfred a self employed carpenter and joiner, with daughters Lucy 27, Hilda 14, and sons Sydney 19 (single), and Alfred 18 (single) also grand daughter Winifred Robinson aged 2. Family F413
1029 Alfred and Edith Haines were witnesses. Family F1356
1030 Alfred and Emily had been married 3 years and had 2 children, both living. Family F932
1031 Alfred and Emma had been married 11 years, and had 2 children, both living. Family F2824
1032 Alfred and Hannah do not appear to have had any children. Family F917
1033 Alfred and Henrietta had been married for 15 years, had 2 children, but 1 child died (William).

Henrietta was 14 years older than Alfred, but she lied about her age in 1911 and 1901, perhaps to give the impression that she was only slightly older. She took about 10 years off. 
Family F540
1034 Alfred and Mary Ann had been married 30 years and had 4 children, all living. Family F329
1035 Alfred and Mary Jane had been married 20 years, had 15 children, with 10 still living, all at home in 1911. Family F2810
1036 Alfred and Rosa had been married 14 years, and had 3 children, but 1 had died. Rosa's brother Henry, still single, lived with them. Family F599
1037 Alfred is a carpenter aged 43 with Charlotte 43, Church Rd Kessingland, and children Henry 18, a carpenter, Lucy 17, Robert 14, Bessie 11, William 10, Richard 9, Alfred 8, Hilda 4. Family F413
1038 Alfred John Mallett died 6 November 1915 at The Traveller's Rest, 12 St Marys Road, Kingston, Portsmouth.

Probate of the estate of Alfred was granted to his surviving widow, Harriet Ann Mallett (nee McDermott) on the 24th November 1915. The effects of Alfred were valued at 236 7s 10d. (Source: Alison Powell) 
MALLETT, Alfred John (I9390)
1039 Alfred was a bachelor and "Protestant"; Eva was a Spinster and Methodist. Ada May Mallett, and Arthur E Mallett were witnesses. Family F522
1040 Alfred was a Servant in the household of Jasue Coutanche, Landowner & Annuitant. MALLET, Alfred F (I135)
1041 Alfred was living with his "mother" Catherine Mallett, who was only 6 years older than he. She was more likely his sister. MALLETT, Albert Edward (I2491)
1042 Alfred was living with his grandfather Stephen Mallett. He may have been the son of Stephen's daughter Mary who wasalso living with him. MALLETT, Alfred (I365)
1043 Alfred was living with his wife Charlotte and eight of their children, dwelling is marked as street Kessingland, his occupation was carpenter. Family F413
1044 Alfred was unmarried, a baorder in the household of Charles Walker, Ag Lab. MALLETT, Alfred (I2763)
1045 Alfred was unmarried, a boarder in the household of Charles Bayliss, Carpenter & Joiner. MALLETT, Alfred P (I5)
1046 Alfred was unmarried, a Lodger in the household of Alfred Tranter, a Labourer. MALLETT, Alfred (I10440)
1047 Alia was staying with her grandmother, Sarah Constance Barrow (nee Mallet) in 1901. SIMPSON, Alia (I10004)
1048 Alia was staying with her grandmother, Sarah Constance Barrow (nee Mallet) in 1901. SIMPSON, Alia (I10004)
1049 Alice Cock, age 23, single, was a visitor. MALLETT, Thomas (I4307)
1050 Alice E and Emma M Mallet, both unmarried, were servants in the household of Charles Harvey, Baronet Magistrate. They were born about 2 years apart in the same parish, so were likely sisters. MALLET, Alice E (I2781)

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