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1001 Ann was 38 and unmarried. She may have been related in some way to George, Fanny, Annie, and Arthur Mallet who were all Inmates in the same workhouse. The children were all listed together, which implies a family group, and their ages suggest the same. They were most likely siblings, and perhaps orphans. Ann's name was spelled differently, and she was not listed with the 4 children. MALLETT, Ann (I1504)
1002 Ann was a first cousin of husband Robert Melhuish. She had 9 children. Family F550
1003 Ann was a Servant in the household of George Magregor, Major General Kers On The Reired List. Ann (I10492)
1004 Ann was a Servant, unmarried, in the household of Jacob F Marriller, Vicar of Much Dewchurch. Emma Mallet, married, was Servant there too. MALLET, Ann (I1547)
1005 Ann was a widow living with her father in law, 4 children, a son in law, and 4 grandchildren. OSBORNE, Ann (I9891)
1006 Ann was a widow, living alone with 1 servant, Hannah Sharratt. Ann (I1461)
1007 Ann was a widow. Ann (I1364)
1008 Ann was enumerated as "Housekeeper (Head)", though within the household of George Mallett. A look at the actual census image shows this to be incorrect. Anne was a houskeeper within the household of Richard Brain, living right next door to her parents George and Harriett. Ann was unmarried, with 3 daughters: Mary Ann, "Heneratta", and Sarah.

In 1871 Ann was clearly identifed as George's daughter. 
MALETT, Anne Elizabeth (I906)
1009 Ann was living with her sister Fanny Mallett. MALLETT, Ann (I10483)
1010 Ann was not born in Gloucestershire. Ann (I857)
1011 Ann was unmarried, a servant. MALLETT, Ann Elizabeth (I1105)
1012 Ann was unmarried, living with her sister and brother Sophia and John Mallet. MALLET, Ann (I396)
1013 Ann, Daughter of William Mallett and Mary his wife, was baptised on 7th December 1800. MALLETT, Ann (I3923)
1014 Anna was a widow. Anna (I367)
1015 Anna was living with her grandparents John B and Louisa Mallett. MALLETT, Anna L (I1)
1016 Annah was unmarried, a servant in the household of Grace Percy, a Private Hotel Keeper. MALLETT, Annah (I445)
1017 Anne was 7 months old at the time of the 1871 census. MALLETT, Anne C (I6241)
1018 Anne was a widow, a servant in the household of J Mahoney. Anne (I493)
1019 Anne was living with her grandparents James and Ann Dodridge. She may have been the daughter of Ann Cullis Dodridge and William Bennett Mallett. MALLETT, Anne C (I1585)
1020 Anne was sometimes called or referred to as 'Nannie'.

The large and talented family of Purser seems to have stemmed from the marriage of Anne Mallett and Benjamin Purser (source: History of the Mallet Family written by Reginald Francis West).

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MALLET, Anne (I9288)
1021 Annette Mallet of 4 Bedford Circus, Exeter, wife of John Aubrey Mallett died 9 April 1906. Administration 18 June to John Aubrey Mallet, surgeon dentist. Effects 90 2s 8d [Source: Alison Powell] NORMAN, Annette (I9875)
1022 Annie Amelia MOGG probably died December 1913 (judging by her Visitors' Book). MOGG, Annie Amelia (I2440)
1023 Annie and Archibald were at home, Frederick was a boarder in the household of George B Goss in Southampton, working as an Ironmonger's Assistant. Bertie was 4 months old and described as a grandson. William was a "Manager in Ironfoundry", Archibald was an "Apprentice to Ironmongery". Family F180
1024 Annie died of a fever in Shanghai while engaged in missionary work there. SMITH, Henrietta Ann (I73)
1025 Annie had returned home, single. Jasper and Mary had had 9 children, all of them living (10 have been recorded here). Three boarders live with them: Joseph Webb, George Long, and Percival Bowie. Family F1544
1026 Annie was a widow, living on own means. The family employed 3 servants: Emma Cobbett, Emma A Kilburn, and Rosina Upton. THOMPSON, Annie Louisa (I10622)
1027 Annie was incapacitated. Agnes W Lang, age 18 and single, a Domestic, lived with them, presumably to take care of Annie. Family F2772
1028 Annie was living with her grandparents James and Ann Mallet. MCGURK, Annie (I1565)
1029 Annie was married, head of household. Her widowed daughter Annie Mallett lived with her. Annie (I3472)
1030 Annie was the Granddaughter of John Clark, Fly Proprietor. RYDE, Annie M (I1591)
1031 Annie was unmarried, a boarder in the household of Thomas Millington, Coachman. MALLETT, Annie M (I10377)
1032 Annie was unmarried, a servant in the household of John H Tyler, Solicitor. MALLETT, Annie (I1223)
1033 Announces Mother's death, and confirms date I already had. Also provides birthdates of James Sr and Jr, and Elizabeth. James Jr was born in Swansea Wales. Eliza Ann was born in Exeter, Devon. They must have moved around in search of work. I don't know where Frederick was born, but likely closer to Bideford, being the first born. In this letter James Sr mentions that Frederic (sic) was down for the funeral ("we telegraphed for him"). "Eliza was also here & Thomas & your Aunt from Beverly". This must refer to Eliza and Thomas Paddock, but who is the Aunt? When Eliza married Thomas Paddock he was described as a "farmer from Beverley". Beverley is a township bordering Puslinch. I wondered how Eliza met Thomas in the first place, perhaps she was living with her Aunt who happened to live near wherever Thomas lived at the time. MALLETT, James Frederick (I21)
1034 Apparently a lovely person who died of TB and did not marry. HILL, Mary (I5026)
1035 Apparently born out of wedlock. MALLETT, James (I143)
1036 Apparently her original name was Olga, not Gillian. PRATT, Gillian (I7802)
1037 Appear in 1881 census:

34 Ashwell St
Leicester St Margaret, Leicester, England

FHL film 1341753 PRO ref RG11 Piece 3156 Folio 105 Page 16

Harriet MALLETT Head Late Seamstress W 76 F Bedworth, Warwick, England
Louisa E. MALLETT Daur Seamstress U 41 F Leicester, Leicester, England
Sarah F. MALLETT Daur Seamstress U 46 F Leicester, Leicester, England 
HEWITT, Harriet (I225)
1038 Appears in the Devon Freeholds - St Giles in the Wood, Stoke Damerel 1753 & 1764 CHAPPEL, Stephen (I8154)
1039 Appears to have taken over home place upon father's death. MALLETT, George (I715)
1040 Appendicitis. MALLETT, Earnest Roy (I3733)
1041 Appointed as one of the Sureties for Magna Carta. MALET, William (I7010)
1042 Apr. 16 1740 is from the probate of his will. He wrote the will July 10 1739, so died between those two dates, but likely very close to the 1740 date. MALLETT, Hugh (I7036)
1043 Arabella was unmarried, a servant in the household of Augustus Fin Drake, Solicitor. MALLETT, Arabella (I1108)
1044 Archangela was a widow. Archangela C M (I154)
1045 Archdeaconry Court of Barnstaple COPLESTONE, Richard of Woodland, Little Torrington, Esq. (I10632)
1046 Archibald and Margaret did not yet have any children. They were living at the same address as her parents. Family F407
1047 Archibald and Margaret had been married 20 years, with 9 children born and 8 living. The 9th child is unknown. The two oldest girls were working. Family F407
1048 Archibald served very briefly (248 days to be precise) in the British Army Imperial Yeomanry during the Boer War. He enlisted on March 2, 1901 in London, shipped out to South Africa on April 6, at some point fell off of a horse, developed a hernia, and was shipped back to England on Oct 2. He was officially discharged as medically unfit on November 4. The fall from the horse does not appear to have occurred in battle. His conduct during his service was considered to be "Good".

His attestation papers describe him as being 5 ft 10 in in height, 161 lbs, 39 in chest, with a "fresh" complexion, blue eyes and dark brown hair. When he was discharged some months later he had shrunk in height by 1/2 in, his complexion was now fair, his hair colour had lightened a bit to plain brown, and his eyes had turned grey.

When he signed up his occupation was given as "Joiner", but when he was discharged he was back to being an "Ironmonger". 
Family F407
1049 Archibald was a boarder living on "Income", (which implies that he was not gainfully employed) in the household of Thomas Simpson. Mr Simpson's mother-in-law Gertrude Goodman lived with them too, which suggests that they may have been relatives of Archibald by marriage, since his sister Henrietta married a Goodman, but no evidence has been found to support the theory. MALLETT, Archibald George R (I1691)
1050 Archibald was travelling alone, had not been to Canada before, but intended to stay and become a Farmer. His arrival port was Quebec, but his intended destination was Winnipeg. It isn't known whether or not he had a situation lined up, or whether or not he knew anyone in Winnipeg. His nephew Frederick Harold Mallett had immigrated to Canada the year before, but he was in Lloydminster, Saskatchewan. MALLETT, Archibald George R (I1691)

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