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1001 All of the children were gone from home, but Amelia has returned, recently widowed with 2 children. William and Amelia had had 12 children, but only 6 were alive in 1911. Family F1523
1002 All of the information about this family is taken straight out of the IGI. When I asked for a search of the Devon FHS marriage index for Henry and John, there were several possibilities, so they gave me the ones from North Devon. I recognized Henry and Mary Brimmacombe right away, because they seem to have about 50 children listed in the IGI. Closer scrutiny of these listings indicates they are all from individual submitters, and not systematic extractions. Sometimes there are as many as 4 or 5 submissions for the same child. I make the total kid count to be 11, all in reasonable chronological order, always 2 to 3 years apart. I was skeptical at first, but 2 of the submissions actually mention Humphrey and Catherine as parents of Henry, so they may well be a fit. Most of the submissions have them in Barnstaple, but some say Starcross. MALLETT, Henry (I631)
1003 All of the known children were living at home. There is a substantial gap in age between Frank and Lilly - 8 years, because 3 tiny ones were born, but died, between them. Joshua is a Draper, Frank is a Draper's Apprentice, Lilly, George, and Florence are attending school. Joshua's cousin Matilda Avery, and unmarried Annuitant, is living with them. Family F182
1004 All were born in Plymstock. The daughter Elizabeth was already a widow. Benjamin was unmarried. Family F2775
1005 Allegation for marriage by licence of William MALLET and Sarah LEE Whitestone near Exeter 15 November 1797 Devon, England Records Office MBA 1797 box 91 used by permission of the Diocese of Exeter.

I, Sarah Mallet of Bow otherwise Nymet Tracey in the county of Devon, England widow, the Mother and only surviving Parent of William Mallet of Whitstone in the County of Devon, England, Husbandsman who is now under the Age of Twenty one Years Do hereby testify my consent to the marriage of the said William Mallet with Sarah LEE of Whitstone aforesaid Spinster as witness my hand this Fourteenth Day of November 1797.

Witness hereto The mark of William LEE The Mark of Sarah Mallet

William Honeywill of Whitstone in County of Devon, England Yeoman appeared personally and made oath he saw Sarah Mallet the only surviving parent of William Mallet of Whitstone in the County of Devon, England husbandman subscribe or make her Mark to the writing hereunto annexed testifying her Consent to the Marriage of the said William Mallet with Sarah LEE of Whitstone aforesaid Spinster the said William Mallet being in his Minority and the said William Honeywill further on his Oath said that the said William Mallet and Sarah LEE are not related within the forbidden degrees to each other and that the said William Mallet hath had his usual abode in the Parish of Whitstone aforesaid for four Weeks and so upwards immediately preceding the Date hereof and William LEE of Silverton[?] in the County of Devon, England aforesaid Husbandsman also appeared personally and made Oath that he is the Father of said Sarah LEE and that he doth hereby testify his consent to the Marriage of the said Sarah LEE with him the said William Mallet, who being likewise in her Minority.

William Honeywill

Sworn before me this 15 day of Novr 1797

George Long Jnr The mark of William LEE 
Family F2557
1006 Also have location of Bideford, Parkham, County of Devon, England.

On birth certificate: Father listed as a husbandman (cattle, horses??). The birth certificate is signed with the mark (+) of Elizabeth Mallett, Mother, of Wormsworthy, Alwington. Registered on May 13, 1856. Looks like L.S. Hole, Registrar. Received from the General Register Office in London, England.

Wormsworthy is an ... (estate?). 
MALLETT, Albert William (I3729)
1007 Also Joseph HARPER (20, a servant), Harriet PHIPPS (25, a servant), Ann BISHOP (15, a servant), Sarah PHIPPS (20, a servant), Ellen McCARTHY (12, a servant), Robert PICKERING (25, ?), John MARTIN (18, ?), Mco OFFICE (50, a smith) and William HEEDS (25, independent) (HO107/373/4). PRICE, William (I4184)
1008 Also shown as Ellen in 1861 census. MOUNCE, Helen (I3949)
1009 Also sometimes referred to as Esquire. MALLET, William Gent (I6879)
1010 Also was married to Emma Marshall BOUNDY, John (I4150)
1011 Also with them were William Short and Thomas Scoins, both Shoemaker Apprentices COLE, James (I4168)
1012 Although transported from York, Jane was a native of Stockport, Cheshire, England. Philip Tardif, Notorious Strumpets and Dangerous Girls: Convict Women in Van Diemen's Land, 1820-1829 (Angus and Robertson, North Ryde, 1990), p. 849. BRICKHILL, Jane (I11218)
1013 Always had name of "Roy", but 1891 census shows "Earnest" - believe his name was probably Earnest Roy. MALLETT, Earnest Roy (I3733)
1014 Alwington Parish Register MALLETT, Sarah Ann (I3926)
1015 Alwington Parish Register. MALLETT, Henry (I3937)
1016 Alwington Parish Register. MALLETT, Rebecca (I3936)
1017 Alwington Parish Register. MALLETT, Robert (I3935)
1018 Alwington Parish Register. MALLETT, Richard (I3934)
1019 Alwington Parish Register. MALLETT, John (I3925)
1020 Alwington Parish Register. MALLETT, William (I3889)
1021 Amelia was a member of a quite large staff at Eden Hall, with no listed Proprietor. MALLETT, Amelia (I3665)
1022 Amelia was a widow. STOCKDALE, Amelia (I8114)
1023 Amelia was known as Emilia in 1841, according to the census of that year. PHILLIPS, Amelia (I8397)
1024 Amelia was living with her uncle Timothy Taylor, Mariner. MALLETT, Amelia L (I322)
1025 Amond has been connected to Thomas of Bodmin because there appear to have been no other Mallett families in this part of Cornwall at that time. MALLET, Amond (I6462)
1026 Amos (17 Jul 1856- 11 Jun 1918) was a son of Martin West b. York 15 Aug 1832 and Rebecca (Essery) West (b. Devonshire, Dec 1836- 26 Sep 1877) of Little York. Amos married twice. Mary Drake (1858- 21 Oct 1902) was the eldest dau. of William Henry Drake, Esq. of Pownal. WEST, Amos (I566)
1027 Amos was listed as 2 years of age in the 1841 census. His place of birth is not known, but it was probably Duloe. MALLET, Amos (I5791)
1028 Amy was a Servant in the household of William Pagan, formerly a Sheep Farmer In New Zealand. MALLETT, Amy J (I8311)
1029 Amy was married, but living with her father William Mallett. MALLETT, Amy (I8267)
1030 Amy was unmarried, and a Servant in the household of James Hague, a Farmer of 140 Acres. MALLETT, Amy (I1499)
1031 An actual record of Mary's marriage has not been found, but Mary Woolcombe is mentioned in Abraham Mallett's will (1750) and mother Mary's will (1751). Family F1799
1032 An Inventory indented of all the goodes and cattalles of Henry Worthe,
esquier, whoe dyed the third daye of Auguste in the yere of Our Lord 1606,
praysed and valewed by Bernard Fry and Robert Bydgood.
Inprimis the apparrell of his body - £40
Item his plate - £40
Item all the furniture of his howse at Worthe and all the beddyng, lynnyng,
napery, brasse and pewter, iron stuffe and other utenselles and implements
and howshold theare - £100
Item all the furniture of the howse at Charles, and all the bedding, lynnyng
and napery, brasse, peweter and iron stuffe and other utenselles and
implements of howshold theare - £73 6s 8d
Item in cheese, butter and other provisions for howsekeeping at Worthe and
Charles - £13 6s 8d
Item all the woll at Worthe and Charles - £40
Item all the ploughe stuff, waynes and other necessary implements for
husbandry at Worthe and Charles - £10
Somma - £316 13s 4d
Stocke of cattell, sheepe, swine, and pultry at Worthe
Inprimis 6 fatt beves - £28
Item 6 kyne and 1 bull - £20
Item 10 young cattell - £15
Item 120 sheepe - £40
Item swine and pultrey - £6
Somma - £109
Corne and heye at Worthe
Inprimis 6 acres of barly and 20 acres of wheate and rye - £50
Item 24 acres of wotes - £24
Item the haye of 18 acres of medoe - £15
Item olde corne in shelfe and threshed - £20
Somma - £109
The stock at Charles
Inprimis 5 geldings - £26 13s 4d
Item 11 horses for carryage - £36 13s 4d
Item 3 folyng mares, 1 suckling colte and 2 other coltes - £19 6s 8d
Item 16 oxen for the ploughe - £56
Item 13 kyne and 1 bull - £40
Item 9 young cattell - £15 6s 8d
Item 7 calves - £5
Item 280 weathers, 80 yeoes and 100 lambs - £130
Item swine and pultry - £10
Somma - £339
Corne and heye at Charles
Inprimis 36 acres of wheate and rye - £60
Item 50 acres of wotes - £33 13s 4d
Item the haye of 24 acres of meadowe - £16
Somma - £109 13s 4d
Debtes dewe
First the Kynges majestie oweth uppon a privy seale - £25
Item Phillip Busshen oweth - £30
Item Cycely Not oweth - 20s
Item Robert Bagley oweth - 20s
Somma - £57
Item all his armor, menition and weapons for the warres - £13 6s 8d
Somma - £57
Somma totalis huius inventorii - £1033 13s 4d
(on the dorse of the manuscript):
Morley of Yernescombe abowt £6 
WORTH, Henry (I7409)
1033 Andrew must have married and had children, else he would not have been mentioned in John Mallett's will. MALET, Andrew (I7687)
1034 Aneurysm of aorta. Arterio sclerosis.

certified by J.L.Currie MB. Son K.S.Mallett present at the death. his address 30.Harlow Moor Drive. Leeds. Yorks. 
MALLETT, Francis Stanley (I282)
1035 Angina Pectoris: "The first symptom is a pretty full pain in my left arm a little above the elbow, and in perhaps half a minute it spreads across the left side of my breast, and produced either a little faintness, or a thickness in my breathing; at least I imagine so, but the pain generally obliges me to stop." (There are) associated sensations that "have frequently led me to think that I should meet with a sudden death. I have often felt, what I can best express by calling it an universal pause within me of the operations of nature for perhaps three or four seconds; and when she has resumed her functions, I felt a shock at the heart, like that which one would feel from a small weight being fastened by a string to some part of the body, and falling from a table to within a few inches of the floor. My pulsations, at a medium are about 80 in a minute; the extremes, when in a perfect state of health, beyond which I scarcely ever know them, 72 and 90." MALLETT, John (I7305)
1036 Ann Elizabeth Mallett and William Thomas Hocking married. Jun Qtr 1870, Bristol, Avon Gloucestershire. Vol 6a page 153. They had two Children before they married. Family F283
1037 Ann had a hard life. 8 children. Family F574
1038 Ann Hill was listed in the 1871 census in Hugh's household as a "boarder", but she was only 2 years old. In the 1891 census in Hugh's household there was an Eliza Ann Mallett, adopted daughter, 22 years old. This is likely the same person. Hugh's second wife Jane Ann could have been her mother from a previous marriage, but it seems that Hugh and Jane Ann were together before 1864 when Henry was baptised, so the math doesn't quite work. HILL, Ann (I10711)
1039 Ann was 38 and unmarried. She may have been related in some way to George, Fanny, Annie, and Arthur Mallet who were all Inmates in the same workhouse. The children were all listed together, which implies a family group, and their ages suggest the same. They were most likely siblings, and perhaps orphans. Ann's name was spelled differently, and she was not listed with the 4 children. MALLETT, Ann (I1504)
1040 Ann was a first cousin of husband Robert Melhuish. She had 9 children. Family F556
1041 Ann was a Servant in the household of George Magregor, Major General Kers On The Reired List. Ann (I10492)
1042 Ann was a Servant, unmarried, in the household of Jacob F Marriller, Vicar of Much Dewchurch. Emma Mallet, married, was Servant there too. MALLET, Ann (I1547)
1043 Ann was a widow living with her father in law, 4 children, a son in law, and 4 grandchildren. OSBORNE, Ann (I9891)
1044 Ann was a widow, living alone with 1 servant, Hannah Sharratt. Ann (I1461)
1045 Ann was a widow. Ann (I1364)
1046 Ann was enumerated as "Housekeeper (Head)", though within the household of George Mallett. A look at the actual census image shows this to be incorrect. Anne was a houskeeper within the household of Richard Brain, living right next door to her parents George and Harriett. Ann was unmarried, with 3 daughters: Mary Ann, "Heneratta", and Sarah.

In 1871 Ann was clearly identifed as George's daughter. 
MALETT, Anne Elizabeth (I906)
1047 Ann was living with her sister Fanny Mallett. MALLETT, Ann (I10483)
1048 Ann was not born in Gloucestershire. Ann (I857)
1049 Ann was unmarried, a servant. MALLETT, Ann Elizabeth (I1105)
1050 Ann was unmarried, living with her sister and brother Sophia and John Mallet. MALLET, Ann (I396)

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