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Original records of the Superintendent Registrar:
Births in the district of Saint Mary in the county of Mddx. : 4th Feb 1866 11:00 p.m. 22 John Street, Jane , girl, Edward Austin Eleanor Austin formerly Gill, journey man paper stainer, X the mark of Edward Austin, father, 22 John Street , St. George in the East 19th Feb. 1866.
Deaths in the district of Saint Mary in the county of Mddx.:
17th Feb 1866. 22 John Street Jane Austin female 13 days daughter of Edward Austin , journeyman paper stainer, congenital cachexia 13 days, certified, X the mark of Edward Austin present at the death 22 John Street 19th Feb 1866 [Cachexia --ka kek se a -- is a general wasting of the body from a chronic disease) 
AUSTIN, Jane (I87)
Possibility - found in book - Marriage Notices of Ontario, by William D. Reid, 1980, Hunterdon House - Albert MALOTT, L1883, #ES1-27 (L1883 - living 1883).

Married in the Bible Christian Manse at Port Hope. Married by Reverend J. Copeland.
Family F859
possibles on SSDI:

JOHN MALLETT 01 Oct 1900- 14 Aug 1988 92109 (San Diego, San Diego, CA) (none specified) 110-09-0257 New York

JOHN MALLETT 06 Apr 1872 - Jan 1968 92008 (Carlsbad, San Diego, CA) (none specified) 546-72-3306 California

JOHN MALLETT 06 Dec 1882- Oct 1966 94601 (Oakland, Alameda, CA) (none specified) 548-03-3030 California 
MALLETT, John Archibald (I5)
Raised by her grandparents Mr. and Mrs. C.C. Carlton at the request of her mother, who died when Sue was 6 mo. old. 
MELLETT, Susan Hannah Carleton (I181)
Ran MacMillan Hotel, later named Seaside Inn, Stanhope, PE ; burned 1966. Donald is brother of James, Emma Jane's husband) Elizabeth died in childbirth with the twins James and George. (Jim has Donald age 91 Eliz at m. age 35, Donald age 43.


Corrections sent by Glen Bodie, March 2003
Donald C. M'Millan (16.Angus3, 2.Margaret2, 1.Alexander1) b. Oct 11 1849, m. Elizabeth Mallett, b. ___ 1857, - d. Mar 07 1899, Interred: MacMillan Cem., West Covehead. Resided, Stanhope, PEI. Donald died Apr 29 1940, Interred: MacMillan Cem., West Covehead., Note: Resided, Stanhope, PEI. 
MALLETT, Elizabeth (I194)
Raymond, a Captain in the 105th Batt'n, was killed in Amiens, WWI.

Commonwealth War Graves Commission Memorial:

In Memory of


8th Bn., Canadian Infantry (Manitoba Regt.)
who died on
Friday, 9th August 1918. Age 37.

Additional Son of John M. and Lydia Crockett, of Pleasant Grove,
Information: Prince Edward Island; husband of Laura E. Bustin (formerly Crockett), of 244, King St. East, Saint John, New Brunswick.

Commemorative Information

Cemetery: MANITOBA CEMETERY, CAIX, Somme, France
Grave Reference/ A. 6.
Location: Caix is a village 24 kilometres east of Amiens, between the road to St Quentin and Roye. Manitoba Cemetery is situated between the village of Caix and Beaufort.

Historical The village of Caix was captured by the Canadian Corps
Information: (1st Cavalry Division) on the 8th August, 1918. The cemetery was made by the 1st Canadian Division Burial Officer after the capture of the village. There are now over 100, 1914-18 war casualties commemorated in this site. Of these, a small number are unidentified and a special memorial is erected to one Canadian soldier believed to be buried among the them. The cemetery covers an area of 507 square meteres and is enclosed by a low stone wall. The name is due to the great number of graves of the 8th Canadian Battalion, which was raised at Winnipeg. 
CROCKETT, Arthur Raymond (I461)
ref: PE Archives, 
BRYENTON, Elizabeth Jane (I769)
Resided in W'peg, joined the army from there. Unmarried. 
CROCKETT, Ambrose Lloyd (I466)
resided Stanhope, PE.

Correction to bd. to Oct 11 1849 from Glenn Bodie. 
MACMILLAN, Donald (I508)
Robert and Mary had 12 children.
Nine are buried in Union Cem.
Census 1881: MALLETT (MALLET) NELLE E. 6 BIBLE CHRISTIAN 33-- must be a nickname for either Alice or Julia since the other girls are on the 1881 Census.
Note from Margaret E. Mallett in late 1960s:
'Most of their children died young. Mrs. Robert Mallett used to drive to Charlottetown to the market where she sold farm produce. She was notable 'broad in the beam.' 'My Dear' was her customary way of addressing people.' 
FORD, Mary (I147)
S: Birth, death and Marriage cert.

Baptism: 415 620 236

Cause of Death: Natural causes
Medical Information: Blood Group A Rh-negative. Suffered from Pernicious Anemia in 60's. 
PORTER, John (I1495)
S: Gravestone data in Union Road Cem Ch'tn, PEI. 
MALLETT, Clarence Walter (I455)
S: LDS website 
LIFFORD, Emily (I1475)
S: marriage cert.
Census: 1901, Charlton, Kent, England
Residence: 23 Sep 1900, Elliscombe Rd., Charlton, London 
HANCOCK, Emma Elizabeth (I1487)
S: birth cert.

Source: Wedding Anouncement, Hamilton Spectator, December, 1922.), 02 Dec 1922, Laidlaw Memorial Church, Hamilton, ON (Source: Wedding announcement in Dec. 7,1920 ??? Ham. Spectator.); b. 1903, England.
Wesley on Census: 1901, Charlton, Kent, England

Marriage officiated by Rev. R. M. Dickey. Reception held later at home of Mrs. Ruby Mallet, aunt of groom, at 32 Cambridge Ave., Hamilton, Ont. 
MALLETT, Wesley William Henry (I1488)
S: birth cert.
Census: 1901, Charlton, Kent, England 
MALLETT, William Henry (I1464)
S: birth cert., marriage cert.
and obit.

Immigration: Abt. 1912, Hamilton, Ontario, Canada 
MALLETT, David Walter (I1463)
S: birth cert., place of birth Source: Attestation Papers for C.E.F), and died 24 Dec 1921 in Burlington, Halton Co., ON --Source: Head stone

Cod: industrial accident

Cary writes: "To the best of my knowledge, my g-grandfather George Arthur Mallet never made it
out of Ontario, except for his 'trip' to Europe during the first World War. He made it
back in relatively one piece only to be killed by a car three years later, Dec. 24, 1921.
He left behind two children, my grandmother Lilian Emily and her younger brother
Leslie Arthur."

S: 1891 Census & marriage cert.

At the time of their marriage, they resided at 14 Lee Street,Plumstead,England.
- Solemnized at the Register Office in the District of Woolwich,London County.
- Witnesses were Louise M. Mallett (sister of George) and Mary E. Baily.
- Copy of Certificate of Marriage.
Apparently came to Canada about the summer of 1907, Leslie was 5 1/2 to 6 months old.


1917 Property NE corner of Brant & Plains Rd.
1918 Property Plains Rd.
1919 Property off Brant St. opposite old Service Rd., Was Kerns Rd. at one time.
Balmoral North
Cannon & Kensington
207 Roslyn Ave. N.
Dec. 1920 - 32 Cambridge Ave.
192 Cavell
1928 - 192 Avondale Ave. 
MALLETT, George Arthur (I1469)
S: copy of birth certificate.
George A and Louisa M Mallett were born in Ireland because their father was posted there with the millitary. 
MALLETT, Louisa Maud (I1470)
S: LDS website 
HORNIBROOK, Lily Alice (I1478)
S: LDS website 
HORNIBROOK, Edith Annie (I1476)
S: LDS Website 
HORNIBROOK, Emily (I1473)
S: marriage cert.

Christening: 24 May 1868, Bassingham, Lincoln, England

Living in Bassingham, Lincoln at the time of the 1901 Census. 
WEIGHTMAN, Charles Walter (I1466)
S: mother's obit. 
MALLETT, Elinor Kate (I1484)
S: Obit. 
MALLETT, Louise Bertha (I1486)
second marriage lasted only a couple of years, and Irene wondered if there was a third marriage. 
LOWE, Philena (I241)

Census 1881: MALLETT MARY A. 14 W. METHODIST 33 
MALLETT, Mary Ann (I445)

The woman who drew up the tree with Margaret E. Mallet in the late 1960s? 
MALLETT, Olive Mary (I546)
MELLETT, Caleb Cushing (I478)
sister of Allie Bryenton 
BRYENTON, Adelaide Marian (I242)
son of John Harmer, one or the other occ. ? 
HARMER, John (I106)
Source of all this family, Ted Mallett. 
MALLETT, George Edmund (I59)
Source: 1871 British Census 
MALLETT, Anna (I1462)
Source: 1891 British Census. 
Levinia (I1455)
Source: Cemetery Records -- Sec. 24 Row 3 Plot 40 
BARRETT, Ruby Grace (I1490)
spelled somewhere as Rueben.

Lived in Ottawa. 
VESSEY, Reuben Harold (I276)
Obit. Nov. 2005: VESSEY - Frances Gertrude E. of Charlottetown at age 95. Born in York, PEI the daughter of the late Archibald and Lucy (Mallett) Vessey:-- 
VESSEY, Frances Gertrude Elizabeth (I277)
SSDI, possibly:
29 Jan 1899
Sep 1977
age 78
02171 (Quincy, Norfolk, MA)
02171 (Quincy, Norfolk, MA)
STOBBART, Anne (I781)
SSDI: 02171 LAURETTA MELLETT 08 Jun 1902 - Jun 1977 age 74-75; Last res. 02171 Quincy, Norfolk, MA SS # 011-07-4440 Issued MA

Alternate first names: Loretta or Laura ( S. Purtell, personal communication with Richard Mellett) 
MELLETT, Lauretta Ceceilia (I515)
SSDI: ARTHUR MELLETT 24 Jan 1901 --d. Mar 1993 SS#: 024-01-0544 Last benefit to Millis, Norfolk, MA 27 02054

(Maybe FLORENCE MELLETT 04 May 1898- 18 Feb 1993 Quincy, Norfolk, MA. 02169
SS#: 021-20-1007 issued MA or maybe a son's wife?
Patrick MELLETT b. 17 Jul 1892 - Jun 1982 Quincy, Norfolk MA 02196 SS# 032-18-5201) 
MELLETT, Arthur Wellington (I514)
SSDI: GLADYS DOHERTY 01 Sep 1903- Dec 1984 02170 Quincy, Norfolk, MA (none sp'd) SSN: 024-20-0816 MA
most likely, same area code:
PHILIP DOHERTY 24 Jun 1901- Aug 1971 02170 Quincy, Norfolk, MA (none sp'd) 031-22-5509 MA
(also possible: PHILIP DOHERTY 10 Nov 1899- Apr 1973 02169 Quincy, Norfolk, MA (none sp'd) 012-10-5297 MA) 
MELLETT, Gladys Louise (I516)
SSDI: ADELIA MELLETT 10 Jul 1908 -13 Oct 1997 Whitefish, Flathead MT 59937 (none sp'd) SS# 516-58-0630 
BRANDON, Adelia Sarah (I826)
Ted has death cert. 
MALLETT, Robert John (I115)
The family moved to Washington State. Percy drowned while trying to save a friend from drowning. James and Emma returned to Stanhope. 
MACMILLAN, Percy A (I437)
These listings sent July 8, 1999 by Rick McVoy.
MELLETT, Robert (I190)
Baptised: Mar 15 1899 
MACMILLAN, James Walter (I509)
MACMILLAN, George C (I510)
twin of Benjamin? 
MALLETT, Pearl (I323)
Twin to George Gill.

Census 1881: MALLETT EMMA 17 W. METHODIST 33 
MALLETT, Emma Jane (I435)
unmarried. In Feb. 1970, my mother's cousin, Lillian, wrote of Roy 'still unmarried & living alone at that big house'. (Irene)
SSDI: ROY MELLETT b. 30 Jan 1914 - d. Jan 1973 ( last res. not specf'd) (last ben.none specif'd) 020-10-664, iss'd Massachusetts
Would be willing to bet the first Roy on your list (Mellett - 30 Jan 1914) is our Roy. The other one is too young. I know jumping to conclusions is not good exercise but think this one is ok, it seems to fit. Roy was unmarried - so that line closes. Irene. 
MELLETT, Roy (I841)

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