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601 a house decorator.
Whitchurch bur: 20 Jan Dolvin Road cem: 
MALLETT, George William (I3238)
602 A James Purt, Lodger, was living with Walter and Sarah. Family F473
603 A Jehovah's Witness MALLETT, Margaret (I431)
604 A line is drawn through Florrie's name in the 1911 census return, and despite an exhaustive search she cannot be found elsewhere. MALLETT, Gertrude Florence (I8142)
605 A Mary H Robins is with them, relationship is niece, occupation mother's helper. Bertram is described as a son, wheras in 1881 he was a grand son. Family F183
606 A note in the IGI says that he was 1 year old at the time he was christened. MALLETT, John (I6374)
607 A nurse, Frances Murray, widow, age 48, lived with them. Family F46
608 A plaque on the chancel wall outside St Edmunds Church, Kessingland, states:
'This chancel was erected 1908 to the glory of God in gratitude for his mercies and in memory of parishioners drowned at sea.

John Gosham, Vaw Dreyma Rector
Alfred Mallett, Samuel Smith, church wardens'

Alfred Mallett was a churchwarden in 1908 and he sang in thechoir for 70 years.

Source: Nowrich Mercury & Peoples Weekly Journal of 4 Jul 1931 about St Edmunds Church, Kessingland
'The people of Kessingland are proud of their church, with its illustrious past. Its glory has by no means departed, for fine examples are set by such men as Mr Alfred Mallett, who though well over 80 years of age, has been in the choir for more than seventy years, having joined when he was ten years old.' 
MALLETT, Alfred (I2169)
609 A record of recent deaths appears in a column on the front page of the The London Evening Post for Thursday, May 7 - Saturday, May 9, 1772. In the middle of the list of dates of death and names of the deceased is found "Tuesday, [which would have been May 5, 1772] at Islington, Mr. John Mallet, formerly of Exeter, merchant." MALLETT, John (I7305)
610 A second family, that of Morris Dooley, lived at the same address. Family F1452
611 A Somerset knight with few interests in Devon, but he was a liveried by Edward, Earl of Devon 1384-5. He was frequently used in the government of Somerset: he was a commissioner of array there between 1377 and 1403 and a JP from 1400 to 1406. He had connections with others of the earl's affinity, and his son, Sir John Malet, married Joan, daughter of John Hille of the earl's following. Yet, in 1396, he was pardoned for not having answered changes of debt laid against him by the earl of Devon in respect to a sum of œ33 6s. 8d. MALET, Sir Baldwin (I6909)
612 A stern, upright and truthful man. MALLETT, Henry (I2451)
613 A Thomas Mallit married Mary Webster 24 Sep 1775 Lowestoft. The first two children could be of Thomas's first marriage to a Mary. Family F400


The funeral of Mrs. Edith Spargo Mallett, aged 70, of Cotehele, 13, Station Road, Truro, who died on Thursday, took place at Truro Cemetery, on Saturday afternoon. Widow of the late Mr. F. W. Mallett, of Messrs. Mallett and Sons, Ironmongers, Victoria Square, Truro. Mrs. Mallett was a regular worshipper at St. Mary's Methodist Church for many years. She leaves six sons, Messrs. W. E. Mallett (Truro), K. A. Mallett (Liskeard), G. Mallett (Gillingham), F. H. Mallett (Canada), Gerald Mallett (Canada), and D. Mallett (Canada), and two daughters, Mrs. J. H. Mears (Lone), and Miss F. E. Mallett (Truro). Dr. Parton Milum officiated.

The mourners were Messrs. W. E., K. A., and G Mallett (sons), Mr. G. S. Rillston and Mr. C. E Rillston (brothers), Mr. F. R. Mallett (grandson), Mr. J. H. Mears (son-in-law), Mr. B. Mallett (brother-in-law), and Mr, C. Bell.

Others present were Mr. and Mrs. Wallace C. Smith, Mr. W. J. Roberts (representing Messrs. W. J. Roberts and Son), Messrs. E. J. Sobey, E. Tonkyn, M. Parry (representing Messrs. Lobb and Dunstone, Ltd.), and W. Stephens (representing Messrs. Mallett and Sons).

Wreaths were from Flo and Gilbert; Will, Win and family; Gwen and Ken; brother George; John, Una, and little Ann; her children in Canada; Bert, Janie and family; Edna, Jim, David and Janet; all at Purley; Charlie and family; Mrs. W. Mitchel George and family (Mullion); Mr. and Mrs. Mears and family (Plymouth); George Mears (Plymouth); Reg, Flo and Nell; Mr. and Mrs. W. T. Stephens; Mrs. Hill and Doreen; from the staff of Mallett and Sons; Mrs. Manley and family; Mr. and Mrs. E J. Sobey; Mrs. Manley and famiiy; Mr. and Mrs. J. Fugler and Paul; Mrs. Liddicoat and family; Eva Wilson; Mr. and Mrs. C. W. Taylor and family; Mrs. Pearce and Silvia; Clifford Bell; and G. L. Owen. 
RILLSTON, Edith Spargo (I2006)
615 A widower age 93 living with his daughter Mary (Leech) . MALLETT, Benjamin (I1770)
616 A William Mallett "Boarder" lives with the family. This is assumed to be John's brother, though the age given is not quite correct. Family F1309
617 Abbey Presbyterian Chapel Tavistock MALLETT, Elizabeth Glanville (I3244)
618 ABBR SOURCE #4TEXT Piece 3621 8 page 9 FHL Film 1341867 Source (S12)
619 Aboard the Hydaspes. MITCHELL, Adam (I9811)
620 Aboard the ship "Ramillies" And Tender H M S Boxer Torpedo Boat Destroyer. MALLETT, Ernest H (I6298)
621 Abode is simply stated as "Foundery" in the baptism records of John and George. DINGLE, Mary Ann (I5885)
622 Abode is simply stated as "Foundery" in the baptism records of John and George. MALLETT, George (I5884)
623 Abraham and Hannah had been married 27 years and had 13 children, 2 of whom died. 9 of the children were living with them, as was a grandchild Robert William, age 2. Family F487
624 Access to Archives - Rewe Parish Catalogue Ref. 1255 A
Creator(s): Church of England, Rewe Parish, Devon, England

Apprenticeship Indentures

Ann Davy, 10, apprenticed to John Mallet, of Thorverton, yeoman, for part of Witches. With binding order. - ref. 1255 A/PO 240/1-2 -date: 1819

John Davy, 9 apprenticed to John Mallet of Thorverton, with binding order - ref. 1255 A/PO 254 - date: 1822-23 
MALLETT, John (I2436)
625 According to 1871 census in England. GOLDSWORTHY, Elizabeth Ann (I4717)
626 According to an article I read about the first world war, the British did not institute the dual tag system for their troops until the fall of 1916. The practice prior to that time was to take the tag from the body and then bury the body on the spot (soon after a battle), so they knew who had died, where (roughly) and when, but when it came time to rebury the dead in orderly rows in cemeteries, often they could not identify the bodies they found. Two million soldiers of the total of six million who died (on both sides) during the war could not be identified; 220,000 of this number were commonwealth troops. The unidentified lie in graves under markers with no names, and bearing the inscription "Known unto God", which was coined by Rudyard Kipling, one of the original members of the War Graves Commission, whose son John lay in an "unknown" grave at the time (he has since been found). The names of those who could not be identified are inscribed on large monuments in the cemetary. It is quite possible, then, that neither James Aikens nor Robert Smith lie in marked graves over there. AIKENS, James Wilson (I438)
627 According to Burke's landed entry (1972) there was a 4th surviving son, though they do not give a name. He was apparently the "Vicar of Wraxall", and was mentioned in the will of his grandmother "Joyce" Young. This is not consistent with "Notices of an English Branch of the Malet Family", by Arthur Malet, published 1885.

The inquest post mortem of Alice (Young) Malet gives the name of the 4th son as Baldwin ("Baldewyn"). 
MALET, Baldwin (I6860)
628 According to Burke's Landed Gentry (1972), he was "of Sutton Mallet", and he inherited a third part of Easton in Gordano (shared among the 3 surviving brothers). MALET, William (I6859)
629 According to G.E.G. Malet, writing in "The Genealogist" in 1938-39, this is the first instance of the use of the forename "Hugh" in the Malet family. The name was imported by Hugh's mother Amicia Lyffe, through her family's connection to the Valetort family. MALET, Lord Hugh (I6906)
630 According to her Testament, found in the Jersey Archives. LEAVER, Louisa (I884)
631 According to his death certificate (courtesy of Janet Roy) Richard Mapledoram died as a result of an accident in Quay Lane in the district of Holy Trinity in Exeter on the 23 May 1841. His occupation was listed as Flyman (coach driver). His family lived in Quay Lane (ref. 1841 census) so the accident occured near his home.

[Copyright 2010 - Richard Mallett. Not to be reproduced without the author's permission] 
MAPLEDORAM, Richard (I9782)
632 According to Mallett Tree #1 they had 7 children and this line belongs to Mr Gedye - Durham, England. GEDDYE, Nicholas (I4409)
633 According to Nan Mabel was 86 when she died. That would place her about 1979. Check GRO.

Baxters where not baptised as C fo E.

Nan seems to think they were either Plymouth Brethren or Congregationalists. See Email dated 18 Jan 06 below.

Emailed Lincolnshire Archives 18 Jan 06 asking if they keep the records.

Dear Mr Smith,

I cannot find any record of a Pilgrim Brethren Chapel in Broad Street,
Stamford. The Plymouth Brethren were in Maiden Lane and then moved to
Conduit road Stamford.

The Congregational Church (now the United Reform Church) is in Star
Lane and the Congregational Hall is in Broad Street. Details on

We do not hold any records for either chapel, I suggest that you
contact Lincoln Archives

Electoral registers may be held at Stamford Town Hall email tel 01780 753808

I am sorry that I couldn't find any further details for you.

Jane Barber
Stamford Library 
BAXTER, Mabel Bessie (I4513)
634 According to PM Basil and Maria had 3 or 4 children, and he died in "South America". Family F1788
635 According to PM, of the three sons, Noel and Eric had children, while Hugh died without issue. Family F1795
636 According to Reginald West's manuscript on the history of the Mallet family, Mary Constance Helen Elliott's body was brought back to Virginia from Savannah so she could be buried beside her father, John William Mallet.

[Trevor Brice] 
MALLET, Mary Constance Helen (I9354)
637 According to Reginald West, this William never married and did not have any children. West quotes the Watson's Gentlemans and Citizen's Almanac of Dublin which states that William was an ironmonger at 92-93 Marlborough Street, Dublin.

[Copyright 2010 - Richard Mallett. Not to be reproduced without the author's permission] 
MALLET, William (I9375)
638 According to the 1841 census William was born in Scotland, but in every census thereafter he gave his birthplace as Hull, Yorkshire. MALLETT, William (I3741)
639 According to the 1871 census James was an imbecile. MALLETT, James (I1298)
640 According to the 1881 census, Susannah was from Yarmouth, and the date of this marriage fits with the birth of the first child. Family F206
641 According to the 1901 census, Grace came to Canada in 1857, but at least 2 of her children were born prior to that, including William, the eldest, who in 1901 says that he was born in Ontario. BOND, William (I900)
642 According to the 1911 census, Kate had been a Lunatic since the age of 26, and had probably been admitted to the London County Lunatic Asylum at that time. She was definately an inmate there in 1901 and 1911. BARNARD, Kate (I4136)
643 According to the 1911 Census, Robert and Mary Ann had been married 20 years. This is consistent with Census records from 1891 onwards, but does not account for the birth of Robert William in 1883. By 1911 they had had 11 children, but only 4 were still living. Family F343
644 According to the 1911 census, they had 9 children but only 4 were living in 1911. Family F1235
645 According to the 1911 census, Thomas and Annie had had one child that died. Family F1334
646 According to the Access to Archives, William was a militia man serving in the Northern Division - ref. 3212A/PO 106/1/5 - date: 1780

The record states that he was about 25 and was born in South Tawton. He was apprenticed to a William Gale but after 7 years his master gave up, so he stayed in the parish and then went to Zeal Monachorum and worked for John Clotworthy by the week, then went to Mary Down (Down St. Mary) and worked by the week for John Moor. After this he returned to South Tawton where he lived for 3 years working by the day as a husbandman or in the Quarry.

[Copyright 2010 - Richard Mallett. Not to be reproduced without the author's permission] 
MALLETT, William (I9747)
647 According to the burial register, a coroner's report was produced about Samuel's death. Though he was 72, this suggests that his death may have been accidental. MALLETT, Samuel Lang (I9704)
648 According to the California Passenger and Crew Lists, 1882-1959 on, Leslie was travelling by ship from Ensenada, Mexico to Los Angeles and his occupation was given as truck driver. MALLETT, Leslie (I9632)
649 According to the Devon FHS Strays Index john of Merton married Catherine in Egloshayle. Family F2586
650 According to the Devon FHS Strays Index Martha's death in Swansea at the age of 83 was announced in the North Devon Journal of 05.02.1880. CAWKER, Martha (I10251)

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