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6851 Was enumerator for 1851 Kessingland census.
Sustins could come from 'St Austin' a Norman name. Source:'English Surnames: their Sources and Significations' by CharlesWareing Bardsley, pub Chatto & Windus, Picadilly, 1875.

The heraldic description is 'Sustan or Suston' or two bars perpale indented vert & azure. The interpretation of this fromPublic Reference Library:
or - gold
Two bars per pale = two bars, perpendicular
Indented = Serrated edge to bars
Vert & azure = green and blue. 
SUSTINS, Charles (I2158)
6852 Was in WWI

Died after his mother in 1937. In her obituary he was recorded as living at Coolamon. 
NEST, Sidney Herbert (I8104)
6853 Was not the Emma Mallett who married Cornelius Crapp on 16 July 1868 at St Mary, Devonport as this Emma was recorded in the 1871 census as being born in Cornwall.

Probably the Emma Mallett married in 1868 to either Henry Driscoll Goodman or Richard Powell. An Amy Mallett was also married with the same registration number.

Probably Emma Sophia and she married December 1869. 
MALLETT, Emma Sophia (I8110)
6854 Was prisoner of war in the First World War. Lost seven and a half stone during his imprisionment. MALLETT, Joseph Clifford (I4110)
6855 Was she christened in St Cleer?

St Cleer Baptisms 1740 - 1843
Elizabeth BASSETT dau of John & Martha, 02nd. February, 1777
BASSETT, Elizabeth (I4675)
6856 Wasn't registered until Feb 1, 1908. Neither married before. Witnesses Josephine Small, Jessie Holliday (both of Toronto). Family F904
6857 We believed Blanche was born in 1912 , but postcards from Nellie indicate otherwise. Blanche sang with her church choir and when she was about 60 with Sweet Adelines. Fern sang with them too. Dad sang with SPEBQSA for a year or two, with Richard Eaton Singers, and in his church choir for years.

Drinkwater (sometimes she spelled her name Katheryn, as in one of her children's baby book)

Fern and Blanche were all but adopted, though never legally because they birth father could not bring himself to keep the appointment to sign the papers, by Florence Danskin (dau. of Frances and James Danskin) and Gordon MacArthur who raised them. Except on legal documents, both Fern and Blanche went by the surname MacArthur until they married.

After Blanche's death Ivan m. 26 July 1988 to (2) Eula Smith Dean, b. 4 Nov 1918, dau. of Ernest Smith and Ella May Harp, widow of Garfield Dean. Ivan was a teacher and Assist. Superintendent, Strathcona Co., AB. Blanche and Ivan lived in Forestburg, Stettler, Ponoka, Edmonton, Camrose, Edmonton, Sylvan Lake. Eula and Ivan lived in Red Deer. Blanche and Fern lived with the McArthurs in Botha, from about 1915 until their marriage. 
DRINKWATER, Catherine Blanche (I349)
6858 We can't be absolutely certain that the person listed in the ship's manifest is Edwin, because only the initials of his given name were recorded, but they are "EAD", which corresponds to Edwin Arthur Doggett, and the age is correct. His occupation of "Clerk" does not jibe with Edwin's occupation as given in the 1911 census of "Electrical Engineer", but no further record of him has been found in the UK.

He left Liverpool on this date bound for Quebec, Canada, aboard the "Empress of Ireland", a Canadian Pacific Ship. 
MALLETT, Edwin Arthur Doggett (I1397)
6859 We do not have a fixed date of death, but the first deed in which his son Baldwin's name appears is dated 1261, so it is assumed he must have died before that. MALET, Sir William (I6925)
6860 We have no christening for this John, but we do have for the John in the preceding generation they may well be the same person, married twice. MALLETT, John (I716)
6861 We know from the 1861 census that her given name was Hannah, but the index provides 2 possible Hannahs, one Brown and the other Harvey. Family F1547
6862 We know from the 1871 census that Sarah must have been married before to someone named Squire, because there are 2 children in the household with the surname Squire enumerated as son-in-law and daughter-in-law but they were too young to be a married couple, so must have been step-children to John. The oldest was born c 1840, so Sarah's marriage to Mr Squire must have occurred before that date. Sarah was born in Bideford, and the 1871 census had her living in Bideford, so it is reasonable to assume that this marriage took place in Bideford.
There are two possible marriages, each to a Richard Squire (and one of the children is called Richard):

Mar 1838, Bideford 10, 73, Richard Squire and Sarah Ann Croscombe,


Jun 1838, Bideford 10, 85, Richard Squire and Sarah Baglow or Sarah Cadd. 
Family F2850
6863 We know that Francis changed his name to Mallett, because Walter says that in his letter written 1918. The Mallett Antiques website mentions Francis Mallett as a past chairman, and Walter said in his letter that he had taken his two sons in law in as junior partners. Francis and Margaret's first child, Margaret Elizabeth, was born a "Snook" but died a "Mallett", unmarried, and the second child was born a Mallett. SNOOK, John Francis W (I874)
6864 We know that John Mallett married someone called Sarah, and this marriage record falls in the correct time frame in the correct place, but there are 2 Sarahs to choose from: Sarah Squire or Sarah Hill. Family F2805
6865 We know that Susannah married someone named Offley from the 1861 census, where a Susannah Offley was head of household, with a brother Farmer Mallett living with her. Family F475
6866 wedding certificate MALLETT, William (I439)
6867 Wedding was witnessed by Charles Stahl of Puslinch and James Nichol of North Dumfries. Andrew Fisher was living in Minto Twp at the time of the marriage. BOND, Susannah Maria (I988)
6868 Wednesbuy Staffs: HORRELL, Eliza (I3301)
6869 Weeford, Staffordshire, or Dudley Worcestershire. MALLET, Sarah (I49)
6870 Went by Burns. MALLETT, John Burns (I330)
6871 Went by Harold. MALLETT, Frederick Harold (I2009)
6872 Were these Mary Magdalene-Wesleyan, Launceston?

1841 St Neot Census

Thomas Parkyn,35,,Farmer,In county
Mary Parkyn,,60,Independant,In county
Mary Parkyn,,35,Independant,In county
John Keast,20,,Farmer,In county
Sarah Keast,,20,,In county
Mary Keast,,2,,In county
Thomas Keast,15,,Male Servant,In county
Joseph Harris,1,,,In county 
MALLETT, Mary (I4314)
6873 Were these Mary Magdalene-Wesleyan, Launceston? PARKYN, Thomas (I4325)
6874 West St Tavistock a baker. MALLETT, Thomas Pascoe (I3219)
6875 West St, Tavistock. Former Shoe Maker. MALLETT, William (I3209)
6876 West Street, Tavistock, Devon, England MALLET, Ann Copplestone (I3694)
6877 West Street, Tavistock, Devon, England COPPLESTONE, Elizabeth (I3310)
6878 When Frances's birth was originally registered, her name was recorded as Katharine Elizabeth. In May of 1911 her father James wrote a letter requesting that her name be changed to Frances Leone (actually recorded as "Francis"). MALLETT, Frances Leone (I15)
6879 When Frederick maried Agnes Emily Mallett on the marriage certificate hewas classed as a Gentleman. BIDDLE, Frederick (I389)
6880 When he joined the CEF, his birthdate was given as Mar 1, 1872, while his birth certificate gives the year as 1866. He may have lied to hide his age (49), or maybe it was a clerical error. His occupation was given as Railroader, and his residence was Saskatchewan. His wife's name was Margaret, and several addresses were given for her in and around London, England, beginning with 262 South Lambeth Road.

Curiously, Archibald states that he had 13 years of military experience with the 11th Hussars. The only other record of military experience we have for him lasted less than a year in South Africa in 1901. When he signed on for that duty he stated that he had had no previous military experience. In the 1911 UK Census his occupation was listed as Ironmonger's Assistant and he was at home with his family. Shortly after that he emigrated to Canada, and then in 1915 he signed on with the CEF. It's hard to see where the 13 years experience could possibly fit in with his timeline.

Archibald's complexion was ruddy, his eyes were grey, and his hair was dark brown. His height was not recorded. 
MALLETT, Archibald George R (I1691)
6881 When his father died in 1740 he was still an apprentice. According to his will two Linen Drapers from London attested that they knew him for 14 years, meaning that he was 14 when they first knew him, which was, perhaps, when he started his apprenticeship. MALLETT, Abraham (I7302)
6882 When I found this death certificate it was news to me. Perhaps the family never talked about this death. MALLETT, James (I491)
6883 When she applied for US citizenship in 1952 she was going by the name Muttart and her matital staus was divorced, but when she applied for Social Security in 1975 she was going by Kirk. Family F484
6884 When the 4th Earl died the title reverted to the grandsons of Walter, son of Sir Thomas. The Barony had died out earlier. When he inherited he was one of the Clerks of the Green Cloth. MP for Bridport 1708-19 COVENTRY, William 5th Earl Of Coventry (I7758)
6885 Where and precisely when they married is not known. Family F446
6886 widow at 2nd marr.15/3/1792 Mary (I2177)
6887 Widow of William Ellis, who died 8 Mar 1825, age 59 [345]. Source: Tina White. #217 Witnesses to death are John George b.1812 Ilk St Andrew and Mart Ann George (nee Balls) born 1814 in Laxfield [700].
Following their remarriage, John and Sarah Ellis moving to Ditchingham, Norfolk map ref. TM 333 917 
ELLIS, Sarah (I3)
6888 Widow when married William M. Acford. COLWILL, Tryphena (I4223)
6889 Widow, age 77 living with daughter Elizabeth Davey. GLANVILLE, Melinda (I3242)
6890 Widowed. MALLETT, Edwin (I5993)
6891 wife a widow 1861 census SUSTINS, Charles (I2158)
6892 Wife Age: 19. Family F679
6893 Wife Age: 20 Family F1573
6894 Wife Age: 20. Family F1577
6895 Wife age: 20. Family F1542
6896 wife Sarah widow 1861 census MALLETT, Thomas (I2143)
6897 Wife was a widow 1881 census. MALLETT, Samuel (I2151)
6898 Wilbur MALLETT, William James (I1306)
6899 Will dated 19 February 1783. Mary (I8513)
6900 Will dated 28 October 1752 mentions that Joseph owned property in Roestock, Hertfordshire. EVANS, Joseph (I8512)

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