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7001 William B and Annie Emily Mallett were living with their grandparents James and Mary Mallett. MALLETT, William Dunning Brock (I9758)
7002 William B and Annie Emily Mallett were living with their grandparents James and Mary Mallett. MALLETT, Annie Emily (I9403)
7003 William Bishop, Boarder, Single, male, 18, Coal Miner, born Bridgewater, Somerset, lives with them. Family F1360
7004 William C and Henrietta are buried at the Anglican Church on the Huron Road near New Hamburg. I have a photo of the tombstone. Margaret, Annie and Eliza are buried in the same plot.

William - 44, Henrietta - 36, George - 14, Margaret - 12, Henrietta - 10, Eliza - 8, Frederick - 6, William - 2, Eva - 4, Mabel - 2 mo. b Jan. All are born in Ont. except the father.

P 29 line 5 C9942 they had 212 acres, 4th concession, lot 33, 130 acres improved, 50 in pasture. 3 horses, 2 colts, 7 cows, 32 cattle, 63 sheep, 14 swine.

William - 53, Henrietta - 47, Annie - 20, Eliza - 18, Frederick - 16, William - 12, Mabel - 10, Henry - 8, Herbert, 5. George and Margaret have left home, Eva is dead. George has his own farm and a wife named Elizabeth. He is 22.

Oct 20, 1889
When Wm. C dies, the register says he was living in East Zorra Twp.

Henrietta 56, Frederick 24, Eliza 22, William 20, May 18, Henry 16, Herbert 14.. Perhaps I read it wrong. How did Frederick get to be older than Eliza? Henrietta is now a widow. Otherwise all of the same kids except for Annie are at home as the last census. Ann Mallett isn't living here either.

Henrietta 67, William 32, Mable 28. William is now head of household. According to a little book I glanced through while at the Anglican church archives, Margaret (d. 1900) and Annie (d. 1892) Smith both gave their lives while on (Anglican Church) missionary work in China. Margaret was burned to death during the boxer rebellion, Annie died of a fever in Shanghai. William has lot 33 con 3, 136 acres owned, 1 house, 3 barns.

There exists an 1878 letter to Myrtie Mallett from Henrietta A. Smith in New Hamburg who says she is the 2nd daughter of Wm and Henrietta Smith. She addresses Maggie as cousin and mentions Uncle William in Arthur, Aunt Am, and Aunt Eliza Paddock. Says Uncle Henry and Aunt Am live at the old homestead ----- that grandfather left Arthur for Puslinch and then he is coming here and from here he goes to Port Stanley to see Aunt Caroline she has one little girl named Edith ---- Uncle Fredic's only son settled in Plattsville (about 7 miles from here) ---- Aunt Elizabeth and family are well ---- We are a family of 5 boys and 5 girls, 3 girls and 2 boys going to school ---- I have 2 brothers able to work and baby Bertie nearly 2 years old ---- and then there are Maggie and I to attend to the housekeeping ---- Thanks to Wesley for his nice card George will answer his letter this week. 
MALLETT, Henrietta Elizabeth (I46)
7005 William Clifton, unmarried, age 26, a Jobbing Gardener, lived with them as a Lodger. MACKELLOW, Matilda (I1422)
7006 William Denbow, age 16, Ironmonger, lived with the family. He was born in Loddiswell, Devon, as was Zipporah, so there was likely some familial connection between the two. Family F2822
7007 William did not have any children. He was listed as unmarried in the 1861 census at the age of 66 and was living with his brother John, along with 6 servants and a niece. He had a large landholding on which he employed 70 men according to one census and the 1873 land survey.

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MALLET, William (I9372)
7008 William does not appear to have been enumerated in the 1901 census. FURSE, William (I1677)
7009 William Geo. Mallett living with Selena Boundy. This is second entry for William Geo. in the 1891 census. CHISLETT, Selina (I4137)
7010 William Germany, unmarried, 25 years of age, an Iron Miner was a Visitor. MALLETT, William (I3689)
7011 William has not been found in the 1911 census. MALLETT, William Thomas (I6658)
7012 William Henry and Mary Grace were both married by 1891, while frederick and Susannah remained at home. William Sr is described as a Farmer. The farm name is difficult to make out, but appears most likely to be Smithill. Family F182
7013 William is gone to Arthur Twp, the old man is with him, Henry is gone, probably to Alberta, Ann is still unmarried and living with her sister Elizabeth and her husband Thomas Smith, perhaps in the same house she and Henry were living in 1871. James' name is enumerated as "James F Mallett" the only documentary evidence that his second name may have been Frederick. Family F3
7014 William is shown as the owner of Con 1 front lots 17 & 18 in 1901, both in the census and the 1901 historical atlas. This is the same property shown under Richard's name in an earlier historical atlas. BOND, William (I993)
7015 William John Mallett later divorced his first wife. MALLETT, William John (I9771)
7016 William joined the Navy. He was 5 ft, 4 1/2 in tall, with brown hair, grey eyes and a fresh complexion. MALLETT, William Joseph (I10311)
7017 William Lander, age 56 and a widower lived with the family. He was probably Florence's father. Family F541
7018 William Mallet Junr, age 30, Ag. Labourer, b: Alwington
Elizabeth, age 34, Glover, b. Parkham
Mary, age 5, Scholar, b. Alwington
Henry, age 3, Scholar, b. Alwington
Josiah, age 6m, b. Alwington 
MALLETT, William Jr (I3804)
7019 William MALLETT 1647 was born about 1862 in Tremarcoom, St Cleer, Cornwall, England. Listed as grand son of Samuel Stantan (Cordwainer) in 1871 age 8 yrs. He appeared in the census in 1871 in Cornwall, England. Found in the 1871 Census, living with grandparents Samuel Stantan and Elizabeth. Also in the household is Samuel and Elizabeth, daughter Sarah Rundle, and her son Samuel J. plus Charles Stantan, son to Samuel and Elizabeth. William is listed as a grandson and a scholar age 8 born in 1863 in St. Cleer. He was living at in 1902 in Butte, Silver Bow County, Montana. Found in the Address Directory.
William Mallet, miner, residence 1618 Dunn Ave. Walkerville, Montana. 
MALLETT, William (I4479)
7020 William Mallett born in Torpoint (1881 Census) has been combined with the William Mallett who had a child Sarah, with Sally Kerslake, in Devonport in 1872 because the age and place fit. Torpoint is only about 3 miles from Devonport. MALLETT, William (I8635)
7021 William Mallett of Cullumpton died 26 April 1897. Retired builder. Probate 20 May to John Whiddon Mallett, principal clerk inland revenue and Murray Toogood Foster chemist. Effects 2732. MALLETT, William (I9751)
7022 William Mallett of the Parish of Hanworth, single man and Mary Peart of the Parish of Metton, single woman were married in this church by Banns on the seventh day of February one thousand seven hundred and ninety five by me Wormely Martin Curate. Family F517
7023 William Mallett witness.

Banns 3.10 and 17 April 
Family F714
7024 William Mallett, age 20, born Devon - Ag. Ap, residing with George V. George household.

[Note: Elizabeth Glover also in this census still living with parents.] 
MALLETT, William Jr (I3804)
7025 William Mallett, age 40, Ag Labourer, b. Alwington
Elizabeth, age 46, b. Parkham
Mary, age 15, Plain Server, b. Alwington
Josiah, age 10?, Scholar, b. Alwington
Albert, age 4, Scholar, b. Alwington
Eizabeth, age 2, b. Alwington 
MALLETT, William Jr (I3804)
7026 William Mallett, age 61, b. Alwington, Hind (Farm Bailiff)
Elizabeth, age 59, b. Parkham
Elizabeth, age 22, unmarried, b. Alwington, daughter, Domestic Servant
Richard Lane, age 43, unmarried, b. Alwington, Boarder, Ag. Lab. 
MALLETT, William Jr (I3804)
7027 William Nicholson and Eliza Barber were witnesses. Family F2969
7028 William Porter, a Brush Finisher Apprentice aged 18 lives with the family. Family F1554
7029 William Raymond, age 41, single, Carpenter, lived with them and was enumerated as "brother-in-law". His precise relationship to either Alfred or Mary is unknown. Alfred and Mary had been married 21 years and had 4 children, all living. Alfred, Mary and William Raymond all immigrated to the US in 1888, and were all born in England.

4 boarders lived with them: Michael and Lillian McConnell (both age 35), John H Downey (40), and Clarence Loomis (20). 
Family F748
7030 William resided at 63 Parkside Street, Battersea, at time of marriage. Family F2216
7031 William Richard Mallett - Miller, Exwick.

Exwick Cemetery.

Exwick Mill was run and occupied by the Mallett family for around 100 years. William Rice Mallett had been a Miller with his father, John Mallett at Thorverton Mill, when, after his father's death he moved to Exwick Mill in 1859. His son, William Richard was born on 25th December 1858. William Richard followed his father into the business, age 16, and by 1885 was taking more responsibility in the business. It was William Richard that rebuilt the mill in 1888, to the building that exists today. He was a national expert on mills and milling, publishing papers on wheat and flour production and water power. He died in 1935 leaving 66,076 (a value of almost 4 million in 2012).

MALLETT, William Richard (I2431)
7032 William saw active duty on several different vessels during his enlistment, but was invalided out on this date with Phthisis, a form of Tuberculosis, and paid a War Gratuity. MALLETT, William Joseph (I10311)
7033 William signed his name, Mary Ann made her mark. Family F129
7034 William Stanley was listed as a "grandson" in the household of William Henry Mallett in 1911. Without access to the birth certificate, it is impossible to say with certainty which of William's 3 known children was William Stanley's parent. Daisy has been chosen as the mother because her brother Henry was married with a family all present and accounted for in 1911, and because she was 2 years older than her sister Florence. Stanley could have been Florences's son too. She would have been 17 at the time of his birth; Daisy 19. MALLETT, William Stanley (I4987)
7035 William Thomas - carpenter and joiner
- Living in same house as Sarah's parents, Thomas and Mary Ann Hale.
MALLETT, William Thomas (I4101)
7036 William Wallace & Cloe had no children, and his second marriage to Jean Grey was late in life. He had been a telegraph operator in Nebraska and later worked for the telephone Co. in Mass. Wallace died 1947 in Orlando Fla.
MELLETT, Wallace William (I845)
7037 William Ward Lear seemed to go by a nickname 'Willie'. This is certainly how his first christian name appears in the Marriage Certificate between him and Emily Edith Mallet. This Certificate records that he was aged 23 years at the time of his marriage and that he was a bachelor and his occupation was that of a Clerk (presumably Solicitors Clerk). William's residence was given as Kingsteignton (King's Teignton as it appears in the Marriage Certificate. William's father was recorded as being Thomas Lear who was a butcher. The witnesses to the marriage were Emily's father, John Henry Lang Mallett, and William's sister, Mary Bessie Lear. Family F2586
7038 William was 3 months old at the time of the 1841 census. MALLOTT, William (I855)
7039 William was a "Yeoman of 160 Acres Employing 2 Labourers". Family F182
7040 William was a bachelor 20 years old, and Alice was a Spinster, only 17. Both signed their names. Robert George Molesworth and Ellen Mallett were witnesses. Family F49
7041 William was a bachelor of "Full Age", Elizabeth was a Spinster, 19. Both signed their names. John Richards and Julia Kemp were witnesses. Family F1569
7042 William was a bachelor of full age, but Mary was a minor. She was a spinster. Both "made their mark", so were illiterate. William Edwards and Benjamin Collins were witnesses. Family F2749
7043 William was a bachelor, Mary Ann a Spinster. Both signed their names. J Mallett and Sarah Seaman were witnesses. Family F506
7044 William was a bachelor, Sarah a Spinster. Both signed their names. Family F63
7045 William was a boarder in the household of Alfred Ibbett, a Fruiterer. MALLETT, William Alfred (I1170)
7046 William was a Boarder in the household of Francis R Andrews, a Shunter Great W Raily (Coachman). MALLETT, William Mark (I10517)
7047 William was a Butler in the household of Michael Henry Williams, a Banker. MALLETT, William (I3013)
7048 William was a Farmer of 170 acres employing 4 labourers and 1 boy. Augustus was 3 months old at the time of the census. Family F180
7049 William was a Lodger, married, in the household of Edward Bolwell, Manager of Coffee Tavern. MALLETT, William Chamberlain (I357)
7050 William was a Servant in the household of Emma Minifie, widow, Farmer. MALLETT, William (I1531)

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