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7051 William was a Servant in the household of Richard V Abrams. MALLETT, William (I3505)
7052 William was a Slaughterman, living in the household of Thomas Scantlebury, Butcher. MALLETT, William (I6011)
7053 William was a visitor in the household of Edward J Bullock. MALLET, William (I474)
7054 William was a visitor in the household of William Eden, "Gentleman Baronet of West Auckland J E D L and Master of Hounds". Both were unmarried according to the enumerator. The two Williams were perhaps his brothers in law. MALET, Capt William St Lo (I7598)
7055 William was a Widower, while Samuel and Sarah were both Unmarried. Abigail Niblett, Servant, 22 and unmarried lives with them, as does John W Niblett, age 1, Abigail's son. MALLETT, William (I976)
7056 William was a widower. MALLETT, William (I230)
7057 William was a widower. MALLETT, William (I8635)
7058 William was aboard HMS Hogue, an Armoured Cruiser, Royal Navy. He was single. MALLETT, William Joseph (I10311)
7059 William was an inmate in an Institute for the Blind. His place of birth was incorrectly recorded as Plymouth "Dorset". His occupation was given as Brush Maker. MALLETT, William Jasper (I8330)
7060 William was baptised on the same day that his parents married. PALTRIDGE, William (I9902)
7061 William was deceased when his son Charles Joseph was baptised on this date. MALLETT, William (I10593)
7062 William was enlisted as a Private in the 88th Regiment for 14 years and 65 days. His discharge certificate does not provide any details as to where he was posted during that time, but he was discharged in Templemore, Ireland. The reason he was discharged appears to be "in consequence of being worn out from length of service". His general conduct as a soldier was good. He was 38 years of age, 5 ft 6 in tall, had brown hair, hazel eyes, and a fresh complexion. His trade was Cabinet Maker. He was apparently illiterate, because he "made his mark" to acknowledge the details of the discharge certificate. MALLETT, William (I3765)
7063 William was from Hatherleigh, but Mary was a sojourner, so born in another parish. Family F2749
7064 William was in H. M. Consular Service, and had postings in Spain, France, and Italy. They died without issue. Family F1986
7065 William was in the Royal Navy, aboard the ship Royal Oak, Moored Off Military Mole Nafales, rank "B 1 C". MALLETT, William Henry (I11067)
7066 William was listed as Married, though Elizabeth was not enumerated with him. Elizabeth was enumerated with her newly married daughter Emily Jope in Stratton, Cornwall. Edwin and John were both living at home, both unmarried. William's place of birth was given as "Upper Canada, British Subject". MALLETT, William (I5823)
7067 William was listed in the 1878 Toronto City Directory as a Medical Doctor. This is the last record found so far (2005) of William Newcombe until his burial in 1898. He was a widower in 1871, and only 1 child (William) was living with him at that time, but his daughters Caroline and Matilda were living with his sister Kate Barrick. He doesn't show up in the 1881 census, neither in the Canadian, UK, or 1880 US. NEWCOMBE, Dr. William (I2023)
7068 William was living right next door to his brother Mark. Family F297
7069 William was living with his brother Phillip, sisters Elizabeth and Mary, and his widowed Aunt Marie, all Mallets. The siblings were all unmarried. MALLET, William (I108)
7070 William was living with his grandmother Ester in the household of Mary Francis, Dressmaker. MALLETT, William I (I488)
7071 William was living with his Grandmother Sophia Mallett, Dressmaker. WATSON, William (I1588)
7072 William was living with his grandparents Abraham and Myrah Smith. MALLETT, William (I3427)
7073 William was married to Eliza and living with her 3 children, all with the surname Paul, and a grandson, William Stanley Mallett, 2 1/2 years old. He was a Carman for a Furniture Dealer, born in St Pancras. Family F1216
7074 William was married, a boarder in the household of Charles Cousins, Painter. MALLETT, William (I44)
7075 William was married, a lodger in the household of James Stone, Plumber. MALLETT, William (I71)
7076 William was married, aboard the 'SS Gothland' . MALLETT, William (I3486)
7077 William was married, aboard the ship "Surf". MALLETT, William (I6249)
7078 William was mentioned in his father's obituary in 1912, but no age was given. He was not with the family when they landed in Australia in 1853. MALLETT, William (I10685)
7079 William was mentioned in his grandfather's obituary in 1912, but no age was given. MALLETT, William (I10687)
7080 William was nominally head of household (several boarders lived there), but he was an imbecile. MALLETT, William R (I76)
7081 William was not born in Gloucestershire. MALLET, William (I856)
7082 William was obviously dead (Elizabeth was a widow). Elizabeth was still running the business, and only Adeline was at home. POMEROY, Elizabeth Ann (I4935)
7083 William was obviously living in an institution of some kind, as he suffered from a "Certified Mental Defection". MALLETT, William F J (I10878)
7084 William was on board the ship "Alliance". He was a widower. Joseph Mallett, 20 years old and unmarried, was aboard the same ship. MALLETT, William (I3652)
7085 William was on board the ship "Magnificent". He was described as married, but his wife's name is unknown. MALLETT, William Henry (I6291)
7086 William was recorded as the son of James Mallard - but the dates make sense for him to be the son of the second James MALLETT. The original South Tawton records do not show any other Mallards except for Mary born 1724, James that married Anne Bickle in 1727 and Rebekah who married John Yelland in 1728/9.

All the entries were written in the same handwriting; the only other similar surnames at this time were 'Miller' and 'Waller' but the christian names do not suggest any match. It is reasonable to conclude therefore, that the incumbent vicar or clerk misheard the name 'MALLETT' thus recording it as 'Mallard' instead. As the family were highly likely to have been illiterate at the time, they would not have been able to challenge the written record.

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MALLETT, William (I9742)
7087 William was recruited on 8 December 1915 to the army reserve and then mobilized on 22 June 1918 into 15th Battalion Worcester Regiment to serve in France.

His military records described him as 5' 5' tall, 140lbs with brown hair, fresh complexion, blue grey eyes and decayed teeth. 
MALLETT, William (I9743)
7088 William was single, and "under treatment". MALLETT, William Henry (I6291)
7089 William was single, Head of Household and Farmer at Barton. He had 2 domestic servants and 1 farm worker. One wonders why he didn't take over Launcells Barton from his father, but Barton had been in the Furse family for several generations, and Uncle William appears not to have married and had children, so perhaps all agreed that William the younger would take over Barton and keep it in the family. FURSE, William (I1679)
7090 William was single, living in the household of Sarah Durent, Widow. MALLETT, William (I640)
7091 William was the "Base Child" of Ann Mallet. MALLET, William (I8586)
7092 William was the only child still at home. "New Common Marsh" was formerly "Terrington St". Family F474
7093 William was the second child of Richard Kingdon and Elizabeth. KINGDON, William (I2437)
7094 William was the son of William Crockett (?- 1847) , a stonemason, m. Janet and came to PEI ca. 1820 from New Abby, Kirkcudbright County, Dumfrieshire, Scotland. John Maxwell's brother William married Maria RODD in 1874. John D. Crockett, was the son of Donald (William Sr.'s son and William Jr's brother who m. ca. 1890 Henrietta BRYENTON b. 1865) John D. Crockett and Henrietta BRYENTON's dau., Florence Loretta Crockett, 25 Feb 1897 - 24 Apr 1985, m. Randolph "Dolph" Murray. See p 354 VC for their children. CROCKETT, William (I564)
7095 William was the Uncle of Matthew Mallett, Gl Labourer. MALLETT, William (I848)
7096 William was their second son. MALLETT, William (I1424)
7097 William was unmarried and a boarder in the household of Peter Cornish. MALLET, William (I3655)
7098 William was unmarried, a boarder in the household of Caroline Lockwood. MALLET, William (I3478)
7099 William was unmarried, a groom in the household of Thomas Corby, Farmer. William lived right next door to John and Jane Mallett and family. They were probably his parents. MALLETT, William J (I3299)
7100 William was unmarried, a lodger in the household of William Rose, General Dealer. MALLETT, William (I3060)

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