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7051 Witnesses were Thomas Henry Norman, Ralph Norman and Clara Mabel Mallet Family F2599
7052 Witnesses were W. Mallett and D. Kellaway. Family F2686
7053 Witnesses were Walter Barnes and Nora Plowman. Family F2420
7054 Witnesses were Walter George Lambert and Rose Maria Street. Family F2561
7055 Witnesses were William Jeffery and John Selley. John was the husband of Joseph's sister Maria. Family F1266
7056 Witnesses were William Mallett and Susan Stephens Family F2485
7057 Witnesses were William Powell & Catherine Machen Family F2673
7058 Witnesses were:
George Mallett
Edgar G Mallett
Jessie M Tozer - Sister of Arthur Robert 
Family F2753
7059 Witnesses were: E C Trotman and L I MALLETT. Family F2637
7060 Witnesses:

Richard Edgar MALLETT

Family F111
7061 Witnesses: Annie Brown & Edward Nicholas Rolfe. Diana was described as a widow, and her age was given as 30, not quite consistent with the birth date that we have for her. She was about 10 years older than he. Family F2128
7062 Witnesses: Henry Mallett and Charlotte Mallett
Signatures: Both signed their names 
Family F408
7063 Witnesses: Jack Francis Mallett & Caleb Elmy Chase. Family F457
7064 Witnesses: John Cunningham (Sarah's brother-in-law, married to Sarah's sister Hannah) and Eliza Randall(Sarah's eldest sister). Registrar at wedding - R. J. Watkins. Deputy Superintendent Registrar - W. H. Thomas. Family F947
7065 Witnesses: Jonathan Reeve and Ann Manthorpe
Signatures: Samuel signed his name and Hannah marked an X
Of Parish: Both of this parish 
Family F403
7066 Witnesses: Jos. Evans and Eliza. Askings.

The microfilmed records at HALS provide the following narrative: "George Evans, a Gamekeeper of this parish [Hatfield] and Anne Bishop of the parish of Hornsey in the County of Middlesex married in the [sic] Church by Banns this 24th Day of April 1798 by me Thomas Matthews, Curate. The marriage was solemnized between us [signed] George Evans Ann Bishop in the presence of Jas Evans, Elizabeth Askings"

The record is numbered 270, 1798 and appears on microfilm 534. 
Family F2220
7067 Witnesses: JT Hills, ?E Berkholt, TJ Evans, EH Hills, EA Evans Family F2207
7068 Witnesses: Lucy Capps and Edmund Capps Family F465
7069 Witnesses: Robert Samuel Mallett and Alice Dennant. Family F418
7070 Witnesses: Thomas Atkins and Ellen Curtis
Groom's parish: St Barnabas, South Lambeth, London.
Bride's status: Spinster
Groom's status: Bachelor
Bride's Parish: Kessingland 
Family F459
7071 Witnesses: William Hatton, Mary Hatton, the bride's brother and sister.

In 1861 James was still living with his mother Martha in Luton, but by 1865 he had moved to 15 Britannia Street, Hoxton where he was living when he married Annie. Subsequently the family appear to have moved frequently. Thomas George was born in 1865 in Nelson Road, Harrow, and their next child, James William was born in Brixton and then by 1871 they were living at 8 Ponsonby Terrace, London SW1 in cenral London. James is described as a lodger but he had his entire family there, so maybe this term merely indicated that he rented rooms. By 1881 the family had moved again to 63 Park Side Street (now Parkside Road), Battersea and were still there in 1891 and 1901. Both James and Annie died in this area; their deaths are recorded in Wandsworth. 
Family F2186
7072 Witnesses: William Mallett and Caroline Wright
Signatures: Both signed their names
Bride's status: Spinster
Groom's status: Bachelor 
Family F398
7073 Witnesses: William Mallett and Ellen Peek
Signatures: Both signed their names 
Family F405
7074 witnesses: William Mallett/Elizabeth Sustins Family F386
7075 Witnesses:John Kimpton, Elizah Goonow Family F2118
7076 Wonderful and fit lady of many interests; a prodigious wood-carver, many pieces of her furniture being in the homes of the children of her nieces and nephews; never married. MALLETT, Lucy Laurence (I2610)
7077 Worker MEARS, Louisa (I9802)
7078 Working as "under house maid" at Parsonage (Charles W. Sillifant). COLE, Mary Jane (I3829)
7079 Working as cook/servant at home of Paul Wilmot, Barrister (not in practice). Also working there is an Ann Glover, 18, housemaid, born Clovelly. COLE, Mary Jane (I3829)
7080 World War I - Machine Gun Corps (Infantry) SEYMOUR, Second Lieutenant Bertram (I3654)
7081 World War I. He was a member of F Battalion Tank Corps. SEYMOUR, Second Lieutenant Bertram (I3654)
7082 World War I: enlisted c.1914 with the 8th Battalion Middlesex Regiment (Territorial). MALLET, Edgar John D (I10269)
7083 WW 1 , Reported missing 12.04.1918
Died War hospital Remischuteat, Charleville.
buried Trelincthum, Wimille. 
MALLETT, Joseph Charles Henry Vallentine John (I3281)
7084 WW1. Remembered on the St Neot War Memorial. MALLETT, Sydney George (I4599)
7085 Source (S972)
7086 Fax (613) 547 3745. Repository (R75)
7087 ["Amy [ Sarah's mother] married a Peter Clarke two weeks prior to that [ie. Sarah's marriage], also in Beccles. They moved to Blundeston and one of her brothers followed a few years later." -- note from Tina] JERMY, Amy (I17)
7088 [R.K. Stevens' notes: 24. iv. Henry Hardy, b. 21 July 1840, Pleasant Grove, m.(1) Lucy Ellen Carr, m.(2) Mary Bell Jewell.] York - HARDY's Mill, est'd 1888 - present, across from Tracadie Road. Henry son of George HARDY Jr. 28 Aug 1807 - ? and Mary Dalling 4 Nov 1807 - d. bef. 1881. Mary b. Biddeford, Eng, came as a servant girl on the same brig as the HARDY's. The couple's best friends, Wm. Crockett and Joanna Jenkins were married at the same time, the grooms serving as alternate witnesses. George the 2nd son of George HARDY Sr. and Elizabeth Carline (10 children). HARDY, Henry (I1260)
7089 [Smith2.FTW]

1901 Stamford Census
RG13 3021 88 8 41
Empingham Cottages

George Green Head M 40 Farm Foreman Ketton, Rutland
Fanny Green Wife M 37 Langtoft, Lincs
George Green Son U 14 Errand Boy Tinwell, Rutland
Rose M Green Dau U 11 Tinwell, Rutland
Olive G Green Dau U 9 Tinwell, Rutland
Charles H Green Son U 7 Tinwell, Rutland
Lily Green Dau U Dau 6 Tinwell, Rutland
Gerald Green U Son 2 Tinwell, Rutland
Percy T Green U Son 2m Tinwell, Rutland

Need to phone marholn for a cremation. 
GREEN, Lily (I4634)
7090 [Smith2.FTW]


Charles Baxter bach, lab, otp, father William Baxter lab married
Sarah Glover, spin, otp, father John Glover lab
both of full age at Thornhaugh 30 July 1862
witnesses John Glover & Sarah Baxter

1851 Stibbington Census

John GLOVER, head, mar, 54, ag lab pauper, Glapthorne Northants

Sarah GLOVER, wife, 45, factory woman, Old Weston Hunts

Sarah GLOVER, daur, unm, 16, factory girl, Stibbington Hunts

Susan GLOVER, 4, scholar, Stibbington Hunts

Mary GLOVER, daur, 2, Stibbington Hunts

William GLOVER, son, 15, factory boy, Stibbington Hunts

John GLOVER, son, 13, ag lab, Stibbington Hunts

Jeremiah GLOVER, son, 10, ag lab, Stibbington Hunts

Thomas GLOVER, son, 9, at home, Stibbington Hunts

Levi GLOVER, son, 7, at home, Stibbington Hunts

Tymothy GLOVER, 3mth, Stibbington Hunts 
GLOVER, Sarah (I4632)
7091 [Smith2.FTW]

Nan information: Frank fought in WW1 with the Artillery.

Email sent to National Archives requesting service papers for Frank Dexter 27th April 2005.

The problem is only 40% of WW1 papers still exist after severe bombing in WW2.

Have obtained Franks WW1 medal card see Dexter folder.

Need to phone marholm for a cremation. 
DEXTER, Frank Robert Ezra (I4633)
7092 [Was shown on DA's notes on wrong Sarah Ann Acford.] ACFORD, Sarah Ann (I4219)

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