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901 Aged 11 weeks. MULLETT, William (I6843)
902 Aged 11, buried as Ernest Mallett. MALLETT, Alfred Ernest (I2184)
903 Aged 19 (b1831) at Devonport Occupation: joiner. MALLETT, John Henry (I8096)
904 Aged 19, Labourer. MALLETT, Robert (I1663)
905 Aged 29. Wife's name was given as "Eleanor". MALLETT, Samuel (I2173)
906 Aged 3. MALLETT, Charlotte (I5765)
907 Aged 36, died of influenza. MALLETT, Alfred William (I3182)
908 Aged 4. MALLETT, William Henry (I6810)
909 Aged 40. MEATHREL, Helen (I2595)
910 Aged 42 at death see HUERTSON, William (I8132)
911 Aged 44 in 1851, 30 in 1841, but 1841 is rounded off. MALLETT, Farmer (I2422)
912 Aged 50 at death. PELLEW, Alice (I6410)
913 Aged 57 at death, consistent with birth. MALLETT, Henry James (I4977)
914 Aged 63. Generalised abdominal hepatic carcinomatosis. Carcinoma of pancreas. MALLETT, John Arnold (I376)
915 Aged 64 at death. BARON, Althea (I6469)
916 Aged 64 at death. Her name was recorded as "Marguerita" in the Civil Indexes, but the registration date is a good fit, and there is no other "Marguerite" listed in the indexes in this time period. SMITH, Florence Marguerite (I5010)
917 Aged 68 years. DAVEY, Elizabeth (I4562)
918 Aged 72 at death. MALLETT, Francis James (I4914)
919 Aged 72. MALLETT, Joseph (I6454)
920 Aged 74 at death. Mary (I4932)
921 Aged 74 years. MALLETT, John (I4360)
922 Aged 75 at death in 1860. MALLETT, Thomas (I2143)
923 Aged 75. MALLETT, Thomas (I2143)
924 Aged 76 at his death. HULKE, John (I8157)
925 Aged 76. MALLETT, William Milford (I2620)
926 Aged 76. DAVID, Sir Tannatt William Edgeworth (I2249)
927 Aged 77. EDGCUMBE, Mary Ann (I8084)
928 Aged 77. MALLETT, Thomas (I2139)
929 Aged 77. MALLETT, Robert (I2131)
930 Aged 79. OWEN, Marjorie (I406)
931 Aged 80 at death. TREVASCUS, Elizabeth (I6467)
932 Aged 89. WONNACOT, Mary (I10130)
933 Aged 9. MALLETT, Robert (I1663)
934 Agnes and Eliza are living together, and both are described as of Independent Means.

They must have been left a significant amount of money after their mother died. Most of their cousins of a similar age were working in some capacity, often as a servant of some sort. 
MALLETT, Agnes (I4353)
935 Agnes Mallett, grand daughter, age 5, was living with the family. Her parents are not known. Family F469
936 Agnes went to live in Regina after John T. died. John T. age 33, Methodist, Lot 33K on 1891 Census.

Agnes presumably the dau. of Charles Cox.

Gravestone, plot #25,reads: In loving remembrance of John T. Mellett, died July 30, 1905, Ae 48. Sarah Evelyn, infant dau. of J.T. and Agnes Mellett, died Jun 11, 1899. On the side of the stone: In memory of Charles Cox, died Nov 19, 1904, Aet 86. Also his wife Agnes Prowse, died Feb 10, 1898, Aet 64. "Blessed are the dead who die in the Lord." 
COX, Agnes Ann (I209)
937 AKA Myanmar. MALLETT, Robert Charles (I2330)
938 Albert "Poutt" (perhaps Prout), age 11 was a visitor, probably a relation of Charlotte's. Family F2822
939 Albert and Ada were both of "Full Age". He was a bachelor, and a Baptist; she was a spinster and a Methodist. They were married in the Methodist Church. Witnesses were William B Hall and Susie E Osborne. Family F503
940 Albert and Bessie had been married less than 1 year and had no children. Family F269
941 Albert and Ethel had been married 4 years, but had no children. Ethel's father Edwin, a widower, lived with them. Family F47
942 Albert Edward age 19. Bachelor, occupation Machiner. Residence at time of marriage. 32 Blair Street, Liverpool. Father Edward Meredith. Occupation: Bricklayer. Lucy age 22. Spinster. Residence at time of marriage. 32 Blair Street, Liverpool. Father Emmanuel Mallett. Occupation: Brass Finisher. Both signed their names. Married after Banns by John Adams. Witnesses: Robert James Doyle and Ann Hodgkinson. Marriage Reg, Jun Qtr 1890. Toxteth Park. Vol 8b page 406. Family F274
943 Albert emigrated with his children to the USA from Axminster, Devon in 1906.

[Source: Tom Jones] 
MALLETT, Albert Chubb (I9382)
944 Albert enlisted in the Australian Army, and died of wounds in action while serving with the 57th Field Ambulance.

For more information visit "The Channel Islands and the Great War", and search under "Guernsey Roll of Honour" for Albert's records. 
MALLETT, Albert Percy (I1649)
945 Albert Mallett, 31, Methodist, Farmer; Mary Jane, 27, Wife; Frederick, 6, son; Norman, 4, son; Earnest, 1 son; Edward James (not a Mallett), 12, Com, b: England, Farm Labourer. MALLETT, Albert William (I3729)
946 Albert was a boarder in the household of George Robinson, the father of Albert's wife to be, Priscilla Robinson, who also lived there at the time. Family F2906
947 Albert was a Farmer and Employer, with 2 servants in the household. Interestingly, one of the servants was a John Mallett, 68, born in Torrington. This might have been Catherine (Mallett) Smale's brother, but the birthplace and age aren't quite right.

William and Catherine Smale occupied 4 rooms at Langland, and were enumerated as a separate household. William was "Living on Own Means". 
Family F402
948 Albert was a prisoner of war, captured by the Germans at the Battle of Jutland on 31 May 1916, after HMS Nomad sank. MALLETT, Albert Sydney (I9384)
949 Albert was a widower. He and Susan had 4 children, all surviving. MALLETT, Albert Charles (I6580)
950 Albert was living with his uncle and aunt William and Harriet Waller. MALLETT, Albert E (I2662)

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