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951 Albert was the only son still at home, and no occupation was given for him. Family F2170
952 Albert was unmarried, a boarder in the household of Mary A Carter, Charwoman. Ernest Mallett, age 18 was a boarder there too, so the two may have been related. They were both born in Suffolk. MALLETT, Albert (I503)
953 Albert William Mallett decided to apply for a homestead, so he hitched up the buggy and he and Mary Jane [Corden] drove to Birtle to apply and receive one of the last homestead in the district, for the price of $10.00.

There was no home on the homestead, so the first winter their home was a cave, or rather two caves side by side - one for the animals and one for the family - dug into the hill side. The next couple of years was spent enlarging the stable dividing half for a home - the rest for the animals. It wasn't until four years had passed that a house was built.

Have picture of family in front of sod home ca 1899. 
MALLETT, Albert William (I3729)
954 Albert's niece Alice Reardon, age 10, lived with them. MALLETT, Albert (I3517)
955 Albert's parents and sisters immigrated in 1908. MALLETT, Albert Henry (I1295)
956 Albert, Clementina and their 2 daughters Sophia and Minnie left Southampton bound for New York aboard the White Star Line ship the Teutonic. Family F331
957 Alderman and Elizabeth had been married 19 years, and had 6 children, but only 4 survived. Only 3 were enumerated here. Only Gladys was going to school. Family F479
958 Alderman may have married in 1874 to either Mary Ann Murrel or Sophia Rose: Sep 1874, Mitford, Norfolk,4b, 439 (FeeBMD). MALLET, Alderman (I2430)
959 Alexander and Alice had no children. Family F1887
960 Alfred aged 22 is living "by the Turnpike" with wife Charlotte and daughter Mary E aged 6 months. Alfred is a Carpenter. Family F409
961 Alfred aged 37 is living with his wife Sarah, aged 50 at High Street Kessingland. Family F421
962 Alfred and Charlotte are living at Church road, Kessingland, both aged 53, Alfred a self employed carpenter and joiner, with daughters Lucy 27, Hilda 14, and sons Sydney 19 (single), and Alfred 18 (single) also grand daughter Winifred Robinson aged 2. Family F409
963 Alfred and Edith Haines were witnesses. Family F1333
964 Alfred and Emma had been married 11 years, and had 2 children, both living. Family F2796
965 Alfred and Henrietta had been married for 15 years, had 2 children, but 1 child died (William).

Henrietta was 14 years older than Alfred, but she lied about her age in 1911 and 1901, perhaps to give the impression that she was only slightly older. She took about 10 years off. 
Family F525
966 Alfred and Mary Ann had been married 30 years and had 4 children, all living. Family F329
967 Alfred and Mary Jane had been married 20 years, had 15 children, with 10 still living, all at home in 1911. Family F2782
968 Alfred is a carpenter aged 43 with Charlotte 43, Church Rd Kessingland, and children Henry 18, a carpenter, Lucy 17, Robert 14, Bessie 11, William 10, Richard 9, Alfred 8, Hilda 4. Family F409
969 Alfred John Mallett died 6 November 1915 at The Traveller's Rest, 12 St Marys Road, Kingston, Portsmouth.

Probate of the estate of Alfred was granted to his surviving widow, Harriet Ann Mallett (nee McDermott) on the 24th November 1915. The effects of Alfred were valued at £236 7s 10d. (Source: Alison Powell) 
MALLETT, Alfred John (I9390)
970 Alfred was a bachelor and "Protestant"; Eva was a Spinster and Methodist. Ada May Mallett, and Arthur E Mallett were witnesses. Family F502
971 Alfred was a Servant in the household of Jasue Coutanche, Landowner & Annuitant. MALLET, Alfred F (I135)
972 Alfred was living with his "mother" Catherine Mallett, who was only 6 years older than he. She was more likely his sister. MALLETT, Alfred (I2491)
973 Alfred was living with his grandfather Stephen Mallett. He may have been the son of Stephen's daughter Mary who wasalso living with him. MALLETT, Alfred (I365)
974 Alfred was living with his wife Charlotte and eight of their children, dwelling is marked as street Kessingland, his occupation was carpenter. Family F409
975 Alfred was unmarried, a baorder in the household of Charles Walker, Ag Lab. MALLETT, Alfred (I2763)
976 Alfred was unmarried, a boarder in the household of Charles Bayliss, Carpenter & Joiner. MALLETT, Alfred P (I5)
977 Alfred was unmarried, a Lodger in the household of Alfred Tranter, a Labourer. MALLETT, Alfred (I10440)
978 Alia was staying with her grandmother, Sarah Constance Barrow (nee Mallet) in 1901. SIMPSON, Alia (I10004)
979 Alia was staying with her grandmother, Sarah Constance Barrow (nee Mallet) in 1901. SIMPSON, Alia (I10004)
980 Alice Cock, age 23, single, was a visitor. MALLETT, Thomas (I4307)
981 Alice E and Emma M Mallet, both unmarried, were servants in the household of Charles Harvey, Baronet Magistrate. They were born about 2 years apart in the same parish, so were likely sisters. MALLET, Emma M (I2782)
982 Alice E and Emma M Mallet, both unmarried, were servants in the household of Charles Harvey, Baronet Magistrate. They were born about 2 years apart in the same parish, so were likely sisters. MALLET, Alice E (I2781)
983 Alice L Mallett is assumed to be Anne Louisa's daughter because Anne Louisa was married and she was 20 years older than Alice. Both were born in India, and both were visitors in the household of Francis R Cockerill, Rector HMICS. Anne Louisa (I1120)
984 Alice Mary Barrow, daughter of Sarah Constance Mallet and Alexander MacLean Barrow, was staying with her aunt Alice Cordelia Mallet (who married William West) at that time. Alice Barrow was only aged 13 years and was described as a Scholar and born at Lower Norwood, London. This would seem to suggest that Alexander and Sarah were living in London in or around 1868. Alice West and her children and niece Alice M Barrow were living at Parsonage Farm in Shipton Under Wychwood, Chipping Norton, Oxfordshire at the time of this Census.

[Copyright Trevor Brice] 
BARROW, Alice Mary (I9006)
985 Alice was 4 months old in the 1911 census. MALLETT, Alice Eileen (I2177)
986 Alice was a Boarder in the household of Alfred S Gallichan, a Fireman on the Jg East Railway. MALLET, Alice Ann (I83)
987 Alice was described as a widow in 1901, "Living on Own Means". Only Edith and Lillian are at home. The wherabouts of the two boys are not known, nor of Margaret, but Margaret was also missing from the 1891 census, so perhaps died. The street address is very difficult to make out, but looks like "Bincton". MALLETT, Alice H (I2030)
988 Alice was married. S A Alice (I142)
989 Alice was the daughter of Thomas Hawkes of Himley House, Staffordshire, England, who was for many years the MP for Dudley. HAWKES, Alice Anna Catherine (I10613)
990 Alice was unmarried, a boarder in the household of Frances Barfoot. MALLET, Alice (I272)
991 Alice was unmarried, a boarder in the household of Mary Ward, widow. MALLET, Alice (I2899)
992 Alice was unmarried, a servant in the household of Evan Williams, Furniture Maker. MALLET, Alice (I571)
993 Alice was unmarried, a servant in the household of Frederick Sulton, Engineer's Clerk. MALLETT, Alice E (I3459)
994 Alice was unmarried, living with her grandmother Ann Margetson and Ann's son Henry Lovett. MALLETT, Alice (I2707)
995 Alice was unmarried, living with her unmarried Aunt, Emma Shillard, a Baker employing 1 Man and 1 Boy. MALLETT, Alice M (I1597)
996 Alice's given name was stated, she was only 2 weeks old. John Green (56), Cabinet Case Maker, his wife Matilda (52), and Daughter Matilda live in the neighbouring household. Family F204
997 Alice's sister Mary was with them, no occupation given. William was a Civil Service Clerk in the "Teleh Dept", whatever that was. Family F496
998 All 3 children were "Scholars". Susanna Budge, sister in law, was living with the family "maintained by brother in law". Family F1315
999 All 3 daughters were unmarried. Two of the grandchildren are Elizabeth's children, as confirmed by the 1871 census. The third grandchild, William Henry, must be the son of one of the other daughters, but it is not known which one. He was 6 months old at the time of the census, and died shortly afterward at the age of 9 months. He has been attached arbitrarily to Susan. Family F1355
1000 All information from Nellie Ernestine Mallett. MALLETT, Ernest (I4704)

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