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The Mallett/Mallet/Malet surname has its origins in France, perhaps as early as the 10th century. It was certainly in existence in the year 1066 when Duke William of Normandy led a group of his Barons across the English Channel from France to England where they defeated the English at the battle of Hastings, and took control of the kingdom of England. One of those Barons was William Malet, whose English lineage is documented here. The Malets stayed in England, and remained in France, and both groups have spread around the world.

This site is focused primarily on the English branches of the family, but is gradually expanding to encompass the French branches as well. If you're wondering if your Mallett (or related) family is recorded here, try the various search functions under "Find" in the left side menu. There are just over 6000 individuals recorded in our online database, but we have more information available in paper form. Eventually this will all find its way to the website, but in the meantime, if you didn't find the people you were looking for here, you can drop us a line by clicking on "EMAIL", located at the bottom of each page. We may have something for you, or at least put you in touch with others who may be searching for the same people, and at the very least we will keep your query on file.

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