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601 252518116 LEWARN, Edith Blanche (I8023)
602 252518117 LEWARN, William Francis Elliott (I8024)
603 252518118 LEWARN, Percy Elliott (I8025)
604 252518119 LEWARN, Beatrice Iness (I8026)
605 252518120 LEWARN, Ellen May (I8027)
606 252518121 LEWARN, Reginald Henry (I8028)
607 252518122 REBURN, William Henry (I8029)
608 252518129 LEWARN, James Henry (I8030)
609 252518130 REBURN, William Henry (I8031)
610 252518131 LEWARN, Ellen May (I8032)
611 252518132 LEWARN, Elsie Kate (I8033)
612 252518133 LEWARN, Harold Stanley (I8034)
613 252518134 LEWARN, Mabel Roberts (I8035)
614 252518135 REBURN, Nathanial (I8036)
615 252518136 REBURN, William Gainsborough (I8037)
616 252518137 REBURN, Florinda (I8038)
617 252518139 REBURN, Ernest (I8039)
618 252518141 REBURN, Euginie (I8040)
619 252518142 REBURN, George (I8041)
620 252518143 REBURN, Harry (I8042)
621 252518144 REBURN, Sarah (I8043)
622 252518145 REBURN, Wilhemina Henrietta (I8044)
623 252518146 LEWARN, James Henry (I8045)
624 26 Charter Street, Gillingham, Kent, England HARTREE, Major Major Frank Gerald M.B.E., T.D. (I3661)
625 27 years old; 5 feet, 7 inches tall; he had a "fresh" complexion, with grey eyes, brown hair, and a "long visage". MALLET, Charles (I5883)
626 27th Feb 1839 Martha Ellen the daughter of Thos and Mary Ann MALLETT of St Neot
(Yeoman) was baptized at Trenant by William Conibear

1841 St Neot Census

Folio 5 Page 3

Thomas Mallet,40,,Farmer,In county
Mary Mallet,,40,,In county
Mary Mallet,,20,,In county
Thomas Mallet,13,,,In county
Joseph Mallet,11,,,In county
William Mallet,7,,,In county
Jane Mallet,,5,,In county
Martha Mallet,,2,,In county
Jane Mallet,,70,Independant,In county
Jane Davey,,50,Independant,In county

1851 St Neot Census

HO107/1902 Folio 341 Page 5
St Neot Cornwall

MALLETT Thomas Head 58 Mar Farmer of 50 Acres Employ 2 Men
MALLETT Mary A Wife 54 Mar
MALLETT Mary Dau 31 Unm
MALLETT Joseph Son 22 Unm Employed on Farm
MALLETT William Son 17 Unm Employed on Farm
MALLETT Jane Dau 15 Unm Scholar
MALLETT Martha E Dau 12 Scholar
MALLETT Jane Mother 92 Widow

1861 St Neot Census
39,East Dranes

Thomas Mallett,Head,M,69,,Farmer Of 18acres,St Neot Cornwall
Mary Mallett,Wife,M,,65,,St Neot Cornwall
Martha E Mallett,Dau,U,,22,Dressmaker,St Neot Cornwall
Thomas G Mallett,Grnson,,8,,Scholar,St Neot Cornwall

Have a digital photo of her grave at Trenant Chapel.
Martha was 86 yrs of age when she died 
MALLETT, Martha Ellen (I4311)
627 28 May, 4 and 11 June 1815 Family F1293
628 28th Aug 1843 Elizabeth Ann the daughter of Thomas and Elizabeth KEAST of St
Neot (Labourer) was baptized at Northwood by George Haycraft 
KEAST, Elizabeth Ann (I4477)
629 29 MALLETT, William Orlando (I861)
630 29 MALLETT, Leonard (I1037)
631 2nd AIF (T42858)
On discharge in 12/50 Battalion. See here: His record has not yet been digitised.

Enlisted at Pyengana 
MALLETT, David Mervyn (I11244)
632 2nd AIF (TX15705/T21733)
6/30 AUST GEN BN on discharge. Next of kin listed as Constance Mallett. See'

Enlisted at New Town. 
MALLETT, James William (I11242)
633 2nd AIF (TX6604)
Served in New Guinea and later in the occupation force overseas. See:

Enlisted at Launceston 
MALLETT, Ronald Charles (I11243)
634 2nd April 1911 living at 24 Thomas Street, Miskin, Mountain Ash Lamora, Wales, age 6.
Married to Frederick Charles Collis, age 22. Marriage Reg: Jun Qtr 1926, Pontypridd, Vol 11a page 956. Died age 64. 
MALLETT, Alice Irene (I1743)
635 3 Boarders lived with the family, all Lead Miners: Edward Stealey, Griffiths Jones, and Morris Jones. MALLETT, Richard (I6243)
636 3 Boarders lived with the family, all Lead Miners: Edward Stealey, Griffiths Jones, and Morris Jones. MALLETT, Kate (I10546)
637 3 Boarders lived with the family, all Lead Miners: Edward Stealey, Griffiths Jones, and Morris Jones. PENHALL, Harriet (I10545)
638 3 children are known to have died in infancy: John William b. 1852, John William b. 1856, and Thirza b. 1863. Family F1888
639 3 children were christened on the same day in 1864. Family F2035
640 3 months for larceny Type: Imprisonment MALLETT, Robert (I5205)
641 3 months old at the time of the 1901 census. MALLETT, Reginald (I10910)
642 3 months old in the 1861 census, so either born late in 1860 or early in 1861. The birth was registered in the 1st quarter of 1861. MALLETT, Kate (I4931)
643 3 records were redacted at the time of writing (2017). MALLETT, Flossie (I9511)
644 3 records were redacted at the time of writing (2017). WATSON, Thomas W (I11157)
645 3 sons, all dead bef. 2002.

Info on this family sent by Irene McRae who found the Atchison/ Lowe desdendants. 
LOWE, Charlotte Emeline (I239)
646 31 years old at death. MALLET, Alderman (I2430)
647 32 Grenville drive, Tavistock bur: 11 Sept PROUSE, Mary Jane (I3409)
648 35 Exeter st Tavistock bapt: 9 Jan 1910 Whitchurch MALLETT, Gerald Felix G (I3402)
649 36 Alderville Road, Fulham, London, England COWLING, Evelyn Gladys (I3682)
650 36 Alderville Road, Fulham, London, England SOLOMON, Evelyn (I3664)

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