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Mallett Family History
"An English Family"

Curry Mallet
The Manor House, Curry Mallet Family

At the time of Domesday, in 1086, the Malet family does not appear to have held any land in Somerset, but by the mid 12th century, they seem to have come into possession of at least some of the lands held at the time of Domesday by Roger de Courseulles (Corcelle?), most notably "Sepetone" and "Curi", towns known as "Shepton Mallet" and "Curry Mallet", today. How this came about is not really known, but one theory holds that Gilbert Malet, the second son of William married either a sister or daughter of Roger de Courseulles, and that Gilbert's son Robert inherited his mother's estates upon the death of de Courseulles c1100.

In any event, the first Malet at Curry Malet appears to have been Robert, who is mentioned in connection with Warminster, Wilts., in 1130. Whether there is any direct connection between this Malet family and William Malet of 1066 fame is open to question, because there is no direct evidence linking the two families, but it is generally accepted that they likely are connected. This family lent it's name to several towns in Somerset, including Curry Mallet, Shepton Mallet, and Sutton Mallet.

Robert was followed, some time before 1156, by William I Malet d. 1169. Gilbert Malet, who succeeded, d. 1194 leaving William II d. circa 1216. His heirs were his daughters Helewise, Mabel, and Bertha. William II, Sheriff of Somerset and Dorset, was one of the 25 Surety Barons, and signatory of the Magna Carta.

The Curry Mallet line ends with William II. His daughters Helewise and Mabel married Hugh Poyntz and Hugh de Vivonia respectively, and most of the Malet lands passed to these two families, with the exception of those lands held by the Malets residing at Enmore Castle.

Curry Mallet Parish Church
This crypt, inside the parish church at Curry Mallet in Somerset, is said to contain the remains of the first Malet to come to Curry Mallet, whomever that was.

Shepton Mallet Parish Church
The above effigy of a Norman Knight is one of two in the Parish Church of St Peter and St Paul at Shepton Mallet. Some say they are actually effigies of Robert and William Malet.

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