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John Mallett the Huguenot

  • Number of participants: 7
  • Number of haplotypes: 3
  • Haplogroups: I-M253
  • Number of distinct lines: 1
  • Surname variations: Malett, Mallette
  • Shared common "Malet" ancestor? Yes
  • TMRCA: 300 years
ND1, ND2, ND3, ND8 , ND9, ND10, and ND11 are all Americans that have established genealogies linking them to "John Mallett the Huguenot", who was born in La Rochelle, Normandy (France) c. 1673 and came to America c. 1694 to escape religious persecution in his homeland. He was an early settler in New England. The DNA test proves that they are definitely related to one another.  There are 9 generations since John Mallett, and their results only differ by 1 step on 2 markers, oddly both in the same line.  ND1 and ND9 are 4th cousins once removed, and each has a unique mutation — the only ones in the group.  Most of the members of this family use the surname Mallett, but some use Mallette, and they all pronounce the name with emphasis on the second syllable.

ND12 (see R1b Group — Unrelated) also has a paper trail linking him to JM the H, but his DNA results don't support the genealogy.