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I Group — Unrelated

  • Number of participants: 3
  • Number of haplotypes: 3
  • Haplogroups: I-M170, I-P37, I-Z2054
  • Number of distinct family groupings: 2
  • Surname variations: Malet, Mallet, Mallet-Paret, Malette, Mallett, Maleth
  • Shared common "Malet" ancestor? Possibly, for some
  • TMRCA: 950 to 1100 years
France: Mallet-Paret

FR1 is a Canadian whose earliest known ancestor Joseph Mallet was born in Saint Étienne, France, in 1778.  He married Marguerite Francoise Paret about 1799, and their descendants have carried the hyphenated surname of Mallet-Paret ever since.  Joseph emigrated to St Lucia with his family in 1840, and several generations of the family lived there.  Some of them later moved to the USA and Canada. Though part of the "I" haplogroup, he matches no one else in the study.

Hungary: Maleth

CE1 is the one and only participant who has roots in Central Europe, Hungary to be more precise. His earliest known ancestor came from Germany, but the family may have ties to France. This surname variation is a very old form of Malet that has been found in 11th and 12th century texts in England, France, and Belgium. This family has  has no link to any of the others in the study.

Louisiana (USA): Mallet

LA1 is descended from a family resident in Louisiana for many generations, with probable (but unproven) links to France. He does not match anyone else in the study.