Cornwall, England


Latitude: 50.2660471, Longitude: -5.0527125


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID   Tree 
51 PIPER, Margaret  Est 1771Cornwall, England I6368 Southwest 
52 POTE, Mary  Est 1700Cornwall, England I4901 Southwest 
53 RANDLE, Jane  Est 1696Cornwall, England I5659 Southwest 
54 ROBINS, Loveday  Est 1663Cornwall, England I6148 Southwest 
55 ROBINS, Nicholas  Abt 1843Cornwall, England I2014 Southwest 
56 ROWE, Henry  Abt 1801Cornwall, England I6604 Southwest 
57 SANDY, Ann  Est 1763Cornwall, England I7943 Southwest 
58 SMITH, Abraham  Est 1766Cornwall, England I6143 Southwest 
59 STEPHENS, Mary  Est 1769Cornwall, England I6377 Southwest 
60 STURTRIDGE, Richard  Est 1702Cornwall, England I6151 Southwest 
61 SYMES, Martha  Est 1711Cornwall, England I6150 Southwest 
62 THOMAS, Joan  Est 1717Cornwall, England I6343 Southwest 
63 THURLEY, William  Est 1756Cornwall, England I6826 Southwest 
64 TONKEN, Elizabeth  Est 1719Cornwall, England I6831 Southwest 
65 TONKIN, Sarah  1809Cornwall, England I3368 Southwest 
66 TRESIDDER, Prudence  Est 1768Cornwall, England I6417 Southwest 
67 TREVANION, Elizabeth  Est 1542Cornwall, England I7463 Southwest 
68 WARDEN, Margery  Est 1740Cornwall, England I7910 Southwest 
69 WILLS, Thomas  Est 1771Cornwall, England I6468 Southwest 
70 WYATT, Francis Richard  1875Cornwall, England I2080 East Anglia 

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