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Barnstaple, Devon, England


Home to descendants of Henry Mallett of Shebbear and James Mallett of Spreyton.

Includes the former village of Pilton

Latitude: 51.080581, Longitude: -4.058228


Barnstaple (16)
A major town and former port in Devon. Descendants of Henry Mallett of Shebbear lived and traded here with shops in Joy Street and Boutport Street. Some descendants of James Mallett of Spreyton also lived here.

Includes the former village of Pilton.


Matches 1 to 37 of 37

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID   Tree 
1 CHAPPLE, Susanna  Abt 1794Barnstaple, Devon, England I10555 Southwest 
2 CROSS, Ann  Abt 1826Barnstaple, Devon, England I9089 Southwest 
3 CUMMINGS, Jessie  Abt 1880Barnstaple, Devon, England I7824 East Anglia 
4 FOUND, Harriet  Abt 1852Barnstaple, Devon, England I10402 Southwest 
5 HUET, Francis Alexander  Abt 1836Barnstaple, Devon, England I9218 Southwest 
6 HUET, Rose Caroline  Abt 1839Barnstaple, Devon, England I9224 Southwest 
7 LYLE, Leonard  Abt 1879Barnstaple, Devon, England I2200 Southwest 
8 MALLETT, Alfred  Abt Jun 1840Barnstaple, Devon, England I10440 Southwest 
9 MALLETT, Alfred J  Abt 1875Barnstaple, Devon, England I10401 Southwest 
10 MALLETT, Ann  Jan 1836Barnstaple, Devon, England I676 Southwest 
11 MALLETT, Annie  Abt Sep 1864Barnstaple, Devon, England I1690 Southwest 
12 MALLETT, Archibald George R  1 Mar 1866Barnstaple, Devon, England I1691 Southwest 
13 MALLETT, Bertram  5 Dec 1880Barnstaple, Devon, England I2005 Southwest 
14 MALLETT, Catherine  20 Oct 1822Barnstaple, Devon, England I677 Southwest 
15 MALLETT, Edith Annie  Abt 1853Barnstaple, Devon, England I687 Southwest 
16 MALLETT, Elizabeth  Abt 1843Barnstaple, Devon, England I10606 Southwest 
17 MALLETT, Elizabeth Hoskins  29 Nov 1820Barnstaple, Devon, England I678 Southwest 
18 MALLETT, Emily  Jan 1836Barnstaple, Devon, England I680 Southwest 
19 MALLETT, Emma  Abt 1850Barnstaple, Devon, England I10607 Southwest 
20 MALLETT, Frederick  28 Jul 1826Barnstaple, Devon, England I679 Southwest 
21 MALLETT, Frederick William  Abt Sep 1862Barnstaple, Devon, England I2004 Southwest 
22 MALLETT, Helen Thorne  13 Jul 1834Barnstaple, Devon, England I681 Southwest 
23 MALLETT, Henrietta Upjohn  Abt 1823Barnstaple, Devon, England I866 Southwest 
24 MALLETT, Henry  26 Feb 1819Barnstaple, Devon, England I682 Southwest 
25 MALLETT, Jaquette E  Abt 1875Barnstaple, Devon, England I9583 Southwest 
26 MALLETT, John  21 Jun 1824Barnstaple, Devon, England I683 Southwest 
27 MALLETT, John  Abt 1826Barnstaple, Devon, England I752 Southwest 
28 MALLETT, John  Abt 1836Barnstaple, Devon, England I10604 Southwest 
29 MALLETT, John W  Sep 1848Barnstaple, Devon, England I867 Southwest 
30 MALLETT, Margaret Mary  Mar 1850Barnstaple, Devon, England I689 Southwest 
31 MALLETT, Mary Thorne  11 Jun 1828Barnstaple, Devon, England I684 Southwest 
32 MALLETT, Samuel  20 Sep 1840Barnstaple, Devon, England I9700 Southwest 
33 MALLETT, Sophia  Abt Jun 1838Barnstaple, Devon, England I10605 Southwest 
34 MALLETT, Susan Elizabeth  Abt 1829Barnstaple, Devon, England I67 Southwest 
35 MALLETT, Thomas Brimacombe  8 Sep 1831Barnstaple, Devon, England I685 Southwest 
36 MALLETT, Walter Ellis  Jan 1853Barnstaple, Devon, England I868 Southwest 
37 MALLETT, William  20 Oct 1822Barnstaple, Devon, England I686 Southwest 


Matches 1 to 1 of 1

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Christening    Person ID   Tree 
1 TRICK, Elizabeth  28 Feb 1790Barnstaple, Devon, England I3957 Southwest 


Matches 1 to 15 of 15

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Death    Person ID   Tree 
1 ACFORD, John Mallett  Sep 1901Barnstaple, Devon, England I4214 Southwest 
2 GOULD, Wilfred  Abt 1973Barnstaple, Devon, England I3036 Southwest 
3 HILL, Elizabeth  1917Barnstaple, Devon, England I98 Central 
4 HILL, Gertrude  28 Feb 1924Barnstaple, Devon, England I277 Central 
5 LEWARN, Harold Stanley  10 Oct 1961Barnstaple, Devon, England I8034 Southwest 
6 MALLET, Ethel Maud  10 Mar 1965Barnstaple, Devon, England I101 Central 
7 MALLET, John Thomas  28 Apr 1919Barnstaple, Devon, England I92 Central 
8 MALLETT, Ann  19 Mar 1836Barnstaple, Devon, England I676 Southwest 
9 MALLETT, Emily  19 Mar 1836Barnstaple, Devon, England I680 Southwest 
10 MALLETT, Henrietta Upjohn  Abt Mar 1914Barnstaple, Devon, England I866 Southwest 
11 MALLETT, Sarah Ann  22 Apr 1896Barnstaple, Devon, England I3926 Southwest 
12 MALLETT, Susan Elizabeth  Abt Mar 1897Barnstaple, Devon, England I67 Southwest 
13 MALLOT, Mary  Abt Mar 1839Barnstaple, Devon, England I8590 Southwest 
14 UPJOHN, Susanna Mary  1 Jul 1835Barnstaple, Devon, England I885 Southwest 
15 VEALE, Cecil John Eedes Mallet  2 Feb 1954Barnstaple, Devon, England I7083 Southwest 


Matches 1 to 1 of 1

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID   Tree 
1 MALLETT, Helen Thorne  Abt 1835Barnstaple, Devon, England I681 Southwest 


Matches 1 to 12 of 12

   Family    Marriage    Family ID   Tree 
1 GOODMAN / MALLETT  Abt Dec 1879Barnstaple, Devon, England F769 Southwest 
2 MALLETT / CANTON  Abt Mar 1857Barnstaple, Devon, England F3299 Southwest 
3 MALLETT / COPP  Abt Sep 1857Barnstaple, Devon, England F235 Southwest 
4 MALLETT / CUMMINGS  Abt Jun 1909Barnstaple, Devon, England F2048 East Anglia 
5 MALLETT / FOUND  Abt Jun 1872Barnstaple, Devon, England F3278 Southwest 
6 MALLETT / GOODING  Abt Jun 1858Barnstaple, Devon, England F238 Southwest 
7 MALLETT / KIMPLAND  27 Jul 1811Barnstaple, Devon, England F2715 Southwest 
8 MALLETT / RICE  8 Jan 1820Barnstaple, Devon, England F227 Southwest 
9 MALLETT / TURNER  10 Aug 1940Barnstaple, Devon, England F971 Southwest 
10 RENDELL / MALLET  8 Nov 1802Barnstaple, Devon, England F2714 Southwest 
11 WHIFFEN / MALLETT  Abt Jun 1873Barnstaple, Devon, England F677 Southwest 
12 WHITE / MALLETT  Abt Dec 1877Barnstaple, Devon, England F3291 Southwest