Ontario, Canada



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID   Tree 
1 Fanny Maria  Abt 1871Ontario, Canada I2343 Southwest 
2 Fledda  Abt 1881Ontario, Canada I11567 Southwest 
3 Mary  24 Jun 1867Ontario, Canada I1133 Southwest 
4 BARBER, Jane  9 Sep 1852Ontario, Canada I11311 Southwest 
5 BEAN, Margaret  19 May 1865Ontario, Canada I4133 Southwest 
6 DANN, Thomas  19 Dec 1886Ontario, Canada I3920 Southwest 
7 DANN, William Josiah  7 Nov 1908Ontario, Canada I3921 Southwest 
8 FEE, Flora  Abt 1898Ontario, Canada I11610 Southwest 
9 FEE, Milton E  Mar 1873Ontario, Canada I11601 Southwest 
10 FEE, Olga Isabella  9 Dec 1895Ontario, Canada I11602 Southwest 
11 HALLOWELL, Rebecca  Est 1835Ontario, Canada I1868 Southwest 
12 HARROP, Iva Anna Mary  Abt 1902Ontario, Canada I11380 Southwest 
13 HENRY, Nancy  16 May 1831Ontario, Canada I434 Southwest 
14 JACKSON, Arthy  Abt 1912Ontario, Canada I11286 Southwest 
15 JACKSON, Elizabeth  Abt 1910Ontario, Canada I11285 Southwest 
16 JACKSON, Eva  Abt May 1921Ontario, Canada I11289 Southwest 
17 JACKSON, George  Abt 1919Ontario, Canada I11288 Southwest 
18 JACKSON, George Albert  Abt 1885Ontario, Canada I11283 Southwest 
19 JACKSON, Wallace  Abt 1916Ontario, Canada I11287 Southwest 
20 LYONS, John Albert  Abt 1887Ontario, Canada I1876 Southwest 
21 MALLET, Albra Wellington  1 Apr 1868Ontario, Canada I11553 Southwest 
22 MALLET, Elizabeth Anne  Abt 1862Ontario, Canada I11546 Southwest 
23 MALLET, George Wesley  Abt 1866Ontario, Canada I11548 Southwest 
24 MALLET, William John  Abt Apr 1864Ontario, Canada I11547 Southwest 
25 MALLETT, Charles  1 May 1881Ontario, Canada I4144 Southwest 
26 MALLETT, Edward  Abt 1884Ontario, Canada I4145 Southwest 
27 MALLETT, Etta Rosina  22 Dec 1886Ontario, Canada I3828 Southwest 
28 MALLETT, Henry  9 Nov 1880Ontario, Canada I3826 Southwest 
29 MALLETT, John  Abt 1880Ontario, Canada I5503 Southwest 
30 MCKENZIE, Catharine  23 Dec 1835Ontario, Canada I956 Southwest 
31 MCLAUGHLAN, Annie  1825Ontario, Canada I487 Southwest 
32 MCMARTIN, Frances  1 Mar 1887Ontario, Canada I3834 Southwest 
33 MILLER, Ellen  5 Sep 1869Ontario, Canada I1891 Southwest 
34 MITCHELL, Birkley  24 Sep 1886Ontario, Canada I1877 Southwest 
35 MITCHELL, Florence  23 Apr 1882Ontario, Canada I1878 Southwest 
36 MITCHELL, Jennie Elizabeth  18 Oct 1871Ontario, Canada I1110 Southwest 
37 MITCHELL, John  17 Jul 1859Ontario, Canada I1873 Southwest 
38 MITCHELL, Pearl  18 Aug 1884Ontario, Canada I1879 Southwest 
39 MITCHELL, William R  Est 1835Ontario, Canada I1867 Southwest 
40 MORRIS, Annie  Abt 1873Ontario, Canada I11529 Southwest 
41 MORRIS, Cephas Edmond  31 Aug 1877Ontario, Canada I11530 Southwest 
42 MORRIS, Gordon  Abt 1897Ontario, Canada I11606 Southwest 
43 MORRIS, Mary E  Abt 1876Ontario, Canada I11528 Southwest 
44 MORRIS, Parmanis Charles  6 Jun 1869Ontario, Canada I11531 Southwest 
45 MORRIS, Pearl  Abt 1903Ontario, Canada I11607 Southwest 
46 MORRIS, Sophie Ed  Abt 1878Ontario, Canada I11571 Southwest 
47 NICHOLSON, Agnes  Abt 1865Ontario, Canada I11336 Southwest 
48 NICHOLSON, Albert A  27 Oct 1881Ontario, Canada I11346 Southwest 
49 NICHOLSON, Anna Brown  Jul 1902Ontario, Canada I11383 Southwest 
50 NICHOLSON, Charles  10 Sep 1885Ontario, Canada I11348 Southwest 

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID   Tree 
1 GREENSTREET, Medora  1958Ontario, Canada I7582 East Anglia 
2 MCMARTIN, Frances  Abt 1958Ontario, Canada I3834 Southwest 
3 NICHOLSON, Donna Alberta  2008Ontario, Canada I11499 Southwest 
4 NICHOLSON, Isabel Joy  2013Ontario, Canada I11500 Southwest 


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID   Tree 
1 MALLETT, William Henry  Abt 1841Ontario, Canada I19 Southwest 
2 MORRIS, Parmanis Charles  16 Feb 1870Ontario, Canada I11531 Southwest 


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Residence    Person ID   Tree 
1 MALLET, Betsey  1891Ontario, Canada I10235 Southwest 
2 MORRIS, Abraham  1891Ontario, Canada I11527 Southwest 
3 WHITE, Ann  1901Ontario, Canada I10242 Southwest 


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   Family    Married    Family ID   Tree 
1 COULTES / MILLER  1889Ontario, Canada F603 Southwest 
2 COULTES / TYNDALL  Est 1885Ontario, Canada F602 Southwest 
3 MEAD / FREELAND  8 Jun 1921Ontario, Canada F1991 East Anglia 
4 MERRITT / MALLETT  7 Oct 1914Ontario, Canada F3065 Southwest 
5 MITCHELL / HALLOWELL  Est 1855Ontario, Canada F594 Southwest 
6 MITCHELL / RAB  Est 1880Ontario, Canada F597 Southwest 
7 ROWLANDS / MALLETT  Est 1919Ontario, Canada F3106 Southwest