Portsmouth, Hampshire, England


Latitude: 50.8197675, Longitude: -1.0879769


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID   Tree 
1 Mary A  Abt 1841Portsmouth, Hampshire, England I1202 Central 
2 BOWDEN, Frederick William  Abt 1870Portsmouth, Hampshire, England I6634 Southwest 
3 CANDLISH, Doris E  28 Dec 1917Portsmouth, Hampshire, England I10169 Southwest 
4 CARR, Freda  Abt 1913Portsmouth, Hampshire, England I9060 Southwest 
5 CARR, Harry  Abt 1911Portsmouth, Hampshire, England I9061 Southwest 
6 CARR, Phyllis  Abt 1912Portsmouth, Hampshire, England I9063 Southwest 
7 FRANKHAM, Louisa  26 Aug 1882Portsmouth, Hampshire, England I9145 Southwest 
8 HARBERT, Joan K  Mar 1919Portsmouth, Hampshire, England I9178 Southwest 
9 HUNT, Eliza Charlotte  25 Nov 1882Portsmouth, Hampshire, England I9226 Southwest 
10 MALLETT, Albert  Between Apr 1914 and Jun 1914Portsmouth, Hampshire, England I9056 Southwest 
11 MALLETT, Anne C  Abt 1873Portsmouth, Hampshire, England I1585 Central 
12 MALLETT, Edward Sydney  11 Sep 1912Portsmouth, Hampshire, England I9456 Southwest 
13 MALLETT, Frederick John  Between Jul 1908 and Sep 1908Portsmouth, Hampshire, England I9518 Southwest 
14 MALLETT, Godfrey  3 Feb 1913Portsmouth, Hampshire, England I9537 Southwest 
15 MALLETT, Harold William  17 Sep 1914Portsmouth, Hampshire, England I9546 Southwest 
16 MALLETT, Henry Frederick  Between Jan 1908 and Mar 1908Portsmouth, Hampshire, England I9551 Southwest 
17 MALLETT, Henry Thomas  9 May 1916Portsmouth, Hampshire, England I9552 Southwest 
18 MCDERMOTT, Harriet Ann  Abt 1860Portsmouth, Hampshire, England I9800 Southwest 
19 WARE, Elizabeth Clara Winnie  27 Oct 1902Portsmouth, Hampshire, England I10060 Southwest 


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Christened    Person ID   Tree 
1 MALLETT, Alice Elizabeth  31 Jan 1882Portsmouth, Hampshire, England I9393 Southwest 
2 MALLETT, Elizabeth  31 Jan 1882Portsmouth, Hampshire, England I9466 Southwest 
3 MALLETT, Lucy Henrietta  31 Jan 1882Portsmouth, Hampshire, England I9639 Southwest 


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID   Tree 
1 FRANKHAM, Louisa  Bef 16 Jul 1949Portsmouth, Hampshire, England I9145 Southwest 
2 MALLETT, Albert  Abt 1998Portsmouth, Hampshire, England I9056 Southwest 
3 MALLETT, Ambrose  Abt Mar 1901Portsmouth, Hampshire, England I11135 Southwest 
4 MALLETT, Elizabeth Kate  Sep 1881Portsmouth, Hampshire, England I9481 Southwest 
5 MALLETT, George Michael  8 Sep 1973Portsmouth, Hampshire, England I9531 Southwest 
6 MALLETT, Henry Frederick  1986Portsmouth, Hampshire, England I9551 Southwest 
7 MALLETT, William Ernest  2 Jul 1951Portsmouth, Hampshire, England I9760 Southwest 
8 MALLETT, William Leonard  9 Mar 1945Portsmouth, Hampshire, England I9772 Southwest 
9 SIMMONDS, Lillian Isobel  3 Aug 1997Portsmouth, Hampshire, England I10003 Southwest 
10 TIMBRELL, Albert W  Dec 1912Portsmouth, Hampshire, England I10036 Southwest 
11 WARE, Elizabeth Clara Winnie  25 Nov 1986Portsmouth, Hampshire, England I10060 Southwest 
12 WEBB, Elizabeth Jane  21 Sep 2000Portsmouth, Hampshire, England I10068 Southwest 


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   Family    Married    Family ID   Tree 
1 CANDLISH / HUNT  Abt Sep 1917Portsmouth, Hampshire, England F3152 Southwest 
2 FUGGLE / CANDLISH  Abt Dec 1943Portsmouth, Hampshire, England F3153 Southwest 
3 HARBERT / STONE  Between Apr 1918 and Jun 1918Portsmouth, Hampshire, England F2936 Southwest 
4 MALLET / LANYON-OWEN  Abt Jun 1906Portsmouth, Hampshire, England F2254 Southwest 
5 MALLETT / MCDERMOTT  6 Apr 1878Portsmouth, Hampshire, England F3033 Southwest 
6 MALLETT / PALMER  20 Dec 1911Portsmouth, Hampshire, England F980 Southwest 
7 MALLETT / WILLIAMS  19 Dec 1908Portsmouth, Hampshire, England F3102 Southwest 
8 PANTER / MALLET  Abt Dec 1907Portsmouth, Hampshire, England F2267 Southwest