Southwark, London, England



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID   Tree 
1 Elizabeth S  Abt 1829Southwark, London, England I139 Greater London 
2 Mary H  Abt 1844Southwark, London, England I547 Greater London 
3 HOWARD, Albert J  Abt 1866Southwark, London, England I2999 Southwest 
4 HOWARD, Ernest E  Abt 1870Southwark, London, England I3001 Southwest 
5 HUERTSON, Caroline Lucretia  9 Jun 1824Southwark, London, England I8339 Southwest 
6 HUERTSON, Elizabeth Ann  28 Oct 1819Southwark, London, England I8335 Southwest 
7 HUERTSON, Sarah Selina  27 Dec 1832Southwark, London, England I8337 Southwest 
8 HUERTSON, Thomas John  30 Jul 1834Southwark, London, England I8338 Southwest 
9 HUERTSON, William  22 Jan 1796Southwark, London, England I8132 Southwest 
10 MALLET, Mary Ann  Abt 1838Southwark, London, England I102 Greater London 
11 MALLETT, Ada Mary  29 Mar 1859Southwark, London, England I8128 Southwest 
12 MALLETT, Blanche Eveline  16 Nov 1905Southwark, London, England I1689 Central 
13 MALLETT, Charles S  Abt 1827Southwark, London, England I543 Greater London 
14 MALLETT, Edwin J  Abt 1830Southwark, London, England I138 Greater London 
15 MALLETT, Emma Amelia  Dec 1901Southwark, London, England I8141 Southwest 
16 MALLETT, Ernest Thomas  1 Sep 1909Southwark, London, England I1691 Central 
17 MALLETT, James William  30 Sep 1879Southwark, London, England I3340 Southwest 
18 MALLETT, John  16 Aug 1702Southwark, London, England I716 Greater London 
19 MALLETT, Julia  Abt 1856Southwark, London, England I223 Greater London 
20 MALLETT, Mary  Abt 1861Southwark, London, England I377 Greater London 
21 MALLETT, Norah Elizabeth  18 Apr 1895Southwark, London, England I3343 Southwest 
22 MALLETT, Thomas  Abt 1905Southwark, London, England I8461 Southwest 
23 MALLETT, Thomas H  Abt 1822Southwark, London, England I359 Greater London 
24 MALLETT, William  Abt 1827Southwark, London, England I381 Greater London 
25 MALLETT, William Alfred  12 Jan 1898Southwark, London, England I8140 Southwest 


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Christened    Person ID   Tree 
1 HUERTSON, William  14 Feb 1796Southwark, London, England I8132 Southwest 


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID   Tree 
1 HOWARD, Ernest E  Dec 1871Southwark, London, England I3001 Southwest 
2 HUERTSON, Elizabeth Ann  5 Nov 1848Southwark, London, England I8335 Southwest 
3 MALLETT, Cecil Dudley  Abt Sep 1912Southwark, London, England I1509 Greater London 
4 MALLETT, Charles Alfred  1 Jan 1909Southwark, London, England I1690 Central 
5 MALLETT, James William  1884Southwark, London, England I3340 Southwest 


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   Family    Married    Family ID   Tree 
1 HEDGES / EVANS  Abt Dec 1919Southwark, London, England F2615 Southwest 
2 MALLETT / BOLDEROW  Abt Jun 1909Southwark, London, England F755 East Anglia 
3 MALLETT / MARTIN  14 Sep 1834Southwark, London, England F310 Greater London 
4 WINDEBANK / EVANS  14 Nov 1948Southwark, London, England F2630 Southwest