West Ham, London, England



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID   Tree 
1 MALLETT, Alice K  Abt Jun 1914West Ham, London, England I6751 Southwest 
2 MALLETT, Edith Mary  Between Oct 1914 and Dec 1914West Ham, London, England I9453 Southwest 
3 MALLETT, Frank Llewellyn  Abt Sep 1918West Ham, London, England I1515 Greater London 
4 MALLETT, Irene Lavinia  Abt Jun 1916West Ham, London, England I1516 Greater London 
5 MALLETT, Norma I  Between Jul 1918 and Sep 1918West Ham, London, England I9668 Southwest 
6 MALLETT, Robert Arthur  Abt Jun 1912West Ham, London, England I1518 Greater London 
7 MALLETT, Thomas Frederick  Abt Sep 1918West Ham, London, England I1800 Central 
8 MALLETT, William Charles  Abt Jun 1914West Ham, London, England I1517 Greater London 
9 ROGERS, Kathleen Alexandra Ena Matilda  13 Jan 1908West Ham, London, England I11509 Southwest 
10 SAUNDERS, Ethel Maud  Oct 1904West Ham, London, England I3817 East Anglia 
11 WADE, Alice Rebecca  Abt 1889West Ham, London, England I1514 Greater London 


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID   Tree 
1 MALLETT, Richard Behenna  Abt Mar 1891West Ham, London, England I6460 Southwest 
2 MALLETT, Richard Percy  Abt Jun 1893West Ham, London, England I6744 Southwest 


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   Family    Married    Family ID   Tree 
1 MALLETT / BIGGAR  Abt Dec 1885West Ham, London, England F2079 Southwest 
2 MALLETT / CLANCEY  Abt Jun 1913West Ham, London, England F2081 Southwest 
3 MALLETT / CLARK  Abt Sep 1918West Ham, London, England F2072 Southwest 
4 MALLETT / DICKINS  Abt Mar 1923West Ham, London, England F2073 Southwest 
5 MALLETT / HAMILTON  Between Jul 1912 and Sep 1912West Ham, London, England F2892 Southwest 
6 MALLETT / SCOTT  Abt Sep 1933West Ham, London, England F3394 Southwest 
7 MALLETT / TREVORROW  Abt Sep 1925West Ham, London, England F2074 Southwest 
8 MALLETT / WADE  Abt Jun 1910West Ham, London, England F354 Greater London