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Yarmouth, Norfolk, England


Latitude: 52.5982330, Longitude: 1.7280470


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID   Tree 
1 Elizabeth  Abt 1836Yarmouth, Norfolk, England I380 Greater London 
2 ARCHER, Sarah Ann  Abt 1842Yarmouth, Norfolk, England I2541 East Anglia 
3 BUTLER, Sophia  Abt 1841Yarmouth, Norfolk, England I2533 East Anglia 
4 COWLES, Elizabeth Ann  Abt 1798Yarmouth, Norfolk, England I3130 East Anglia 
5 FISH, Mary Ann  Abt 1814Yarmouth, Norfolk, England I8261 East Anglia 
6 GILLINGS, Abigail Hearn  Abt 1800Yarmouth, Norfolk, England I3269 East Anglia 
7 KNIGHTS, Sarah Elizabeth  Abt 1843Yarmouth, Norfolk, England I2522 East Anglia 
8 MALLETT, Alfred Arthur  Abt Mar 1882Yarmouth, Norfolk, England I4389 East Anglia 
9 MALLETT, Alice  Abt 1876Yarmouth, Norfolk, England I2535 East Anglia 
10 MALLETT, Ann  Abt 1874Yarmouth, Norfolk, England I2542 East Anglia 
11 MALLETT, Arthur  Abt 1870Yarmouth, Norfolk, England I2528 East Anglia 
12 MALLETT, Caroline  Abt 1847Yarmouth, Norfolk, England I8265 East Anglia 
13 MALLETT, Edith Maud  Abt Dec 1886Yarmouth, Norfolk, England I4285 East Anglia 
14 MALLETT, Eliza  Abt 1835Yarmouth, Norfolk, England I8262 East Anglia 
15 MALLETT, Eliza Ellen  Abt Sep 1867Yarmouth, Norfolk, England I2529 East Anglia 
16 MALLETT, Elizabeth  Abt 1856Yarmouth, Norfolk, England I8266 East Anglia 
17 MALLETT, Elizabeth Woodrow  9 Jan 1803Yarmouth, Norfolk, England I6830 East Anglia 
18 MALLETT, Frederick Charles  Abt Mar 1871Yarmouth, Norfolk, England I2519 East Anglia 
19 MALLETT, George  Abt 1873Yarmouth, Norfolk, England I2536 East Anglia 
20 MALLETT, Georgiana  Abt 1851Yarmouth, Norfolk, England I6932 East Anglia 
21 MALLETT, Herbert  Abt Dec 1880Yarmouth, Norfolk, England I2532 East Anglia 
22 MALLETT, Peter F R  Abt 1830Yarmouth, Norfolk, England I3008 East Anglia 
23 MALLETT, Robert Adam  Abt Jun 1843Yarmouth, Norfolk, England I2521 East Anglia 
24 MALLETT, Robert Albert George  Abt Jun 1917Yarmouth, Norfolk, England I4397 East Anglia 
25 MALLETT, Robert E  Abt Mar 1922Yarmouth, Norfolk, England I4216 East Anglia 
26 MALLETT, Robert James  Abt Mar 1869Yarmouth, Norfolk, England I2520 East Anglia 
27 MALLETT, Robert William  Abt Dec 1908Yarmouth, Norfolk, England I4286 East Anglia 
28 MALLETT, Sarah Hannah  Abt Jun 1866Yarmouth, Norfolk, England I5155 East Anglia 
29 MALLETT, Sarah Jane  Abt Dec 1885Yarmouth, Norfolk, England I4284 East Anglia 
30 MALLETT, Sophia  Abt Sep 1860Yarmouth, Norfolk, England I2531 East Anglia 
31 MALLETT, William  Abt 1789Yarmouth, Norfolk, England I3765 East Anglia 
32 MALLETT, William  Abt 1807Yarmouth, Norfolk, England I8260 East Anglia 
33 MALLETT, William  Abt 1837Yarmouth, Norfolk, England I2534 East Anglia 
34 MALLETT, William  Abt Mar 1865Yarmouth, Norfolk, England I2530 East Anglia 
35 MALLETT, William W F  Abt Mar 1921Yarmouth, Norfolk, England I4244 East Anglia 
36 MALLETT, Winifred A  Abt Dec 1919Yarmouth, Norfolk, England I4398 East Anglia 
37 MALLOTT, Elizabeth  Abt 1836Yarmouth, Norfolk, England I2505 East Anglia 
38 MALLOTT, James  Abt 1853Yarmouth, Norfolk, England I3701 East Anglia 
39 MALLOTT, James  Abt 1875Yarmouth, Norfolk, England I3702 East Anglia 


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Death    Person ID   Tree 
1 KNIGHTS, Sarah Elizabeth  Abt Dec 1885Yarmouth, Norfolk, England I2522 East Anglia 
2 MALLETT, Frances  Mar 1808Yarmouth, Norfolk, England I5206 East Anglia 
3 MALLETT, Kate  Abt Dec 1908Yarmouth, Norfolk, England I4394 East Anglia 
4 MALLETT, Robert Adam  Abt Sep 1921Yarmouth, Norfolk, England I2521 East Anglia 
5 MALLETT, Robert James  Abt Mar 1928Yarmouth, Norfolk, England I2520 East Anglia 
6 MALLETT, Robert William  Abt Mar 1919Yarmouth, Norfolk, England I4276 East Anglia 
7 MALLETT, Sarah Elizabeth  Sep 1892Yarmouth, Norfolk, England I2244 East Anglia 
8 MALLETT, Wilfrid Wollie  Abt Jun 1923Yarmouth, Norfolk, England I4313 East Anglia 
9 REEDER, Elizabeth  Abt Sep 1905Yarmouth, Norfolk, England I4346 East Anglia 


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Burial    Person ID   Tree 
1 MALLETT, Benjamin  8 Dec 1853Yarmouth, Norfolk, England I1770 East Anglia 
2 MALLETT, Frances  13 Mar 1808Yarmouth, Norfolk, England I5206 East Anglia 


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID   Tree 
1 MALLETT, Charlotte  Abt 1855Yarmouth, Norfolk, England I465 East Anglia 
2 MALLETT, Joseph Henry  Abt 1812Yarmouth, Norfolk, England I2512 East Anglia 
3 MALLETT, William  Abt 1791Yarmouth, Norfolk, England I3765 East Anglia 


Matches 1 to 26 of 26

   Family    Marriage    Family ID   Tree 
1 / ARCHER  Sep 1865Yarmouth, Norfolk, England F1352 East Anglia 
2 LARK / CARTER  Jun 1914Yarmouth, Norfolk, England F740 East Anglia 
3 MALLETT / BENJAFIELD  Abt Mar 1869Yarmouth, Norfolk, England F924 East Anglia 
4 MALLETT / BROWN  Abt Dec 1872Yarmouth, Norfolk, England F915 East Anglia 
5 MALLETT / BURGESS  Abt Sep 1930Yarmouth, Norfolk, England F1200 East Anglia 
6 MALLETT / BUTLER  Abt Jun 1859Yarmouth, Norfolk, England F814 East Anglia 
7 MALLETT / CHANDLER  Abt Sep 1916Yarmouth, Norfolk, England F1198 East Anglia 
8 MALLETT / COSSEY  Abt Mar 1914Yarmouth, Norfolk, England F1176 East Anglia 
9 MALLETT / DALY  Abt Jun 1870Yarmouth, Norfolk, England F859 East Anglia 
10 MALLETT / DAW  Abt Dec 1920Yarmouth, Norfolk, England F1167 East Anglia 
11 MALLETT / DAW  Abt Dec 1923Yarmouth, Norfolk, England F1178 East Anglia 
12 MALLETT / FOX  Abt Sep 1856Yarmouth, Norfolk, England F813 East Anglia 
13 MALLETT / HAYLETT  Abt Sep 1894Yarmouth, Norfolk, England F1231 East Anglia 
14 MALLETT / IVES  Abt Jun 1884Yarmouth, Norfolk, England F1173 East Anglia 
15 MALLETT / KNIGHTS  Abt Jun 1868Yarmouth, Norfolk, England F828 East Anglia 
16 MALLETT / LEEDS  Abt Jun 1934Yarmouth, Norfolk, England F1430 East Anglia 
17 MALLETT / MALLETT  7 Sep 1898Yarmouth, Norfolk, England F1426 East Anglia 
18 MALLETT / MARSHAM  Abt Dec 1889Yarmouth, Norfolk, England F1175 East Anglia 
19 MALLETT / TENNANT  Abt Dec 1863Yarmouth, Norfolk, England F1711 East Anglia 
20 MALLETT / THOMPSON  Abt Mar 1900Yarmouth, Norfolk, England F1199 East Anglia 
21 MALLETT / THURTLE  Abt Mar 1852Yarmouth, Norfolk, England F1521 East Anglia 
22 MALLETT / TURNER  Abt Sep 1853Yarmouth, Norfolk, England F1419 East Anglia 
23 MALLETT / WILLS  Abt Mar 1876Yarmouth, Norfolk, England F456 Central 
24 MALLETT / WOODS  Abt Mar 1894Yarmouth, Norfolk, England F1196 East Anglia 
25 MIDDLETON / MALLETT  Abt Dec 1855Yarmouth, Norfolk, England F2173 East Anglia 
26 WRIGHT / MALLETT  Abt Sep 1908Yarmouth, Norfolk, England F1174 East Anglia